My Montcalm App – Your Questions Answered

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Unlike many accommodation companies the My Montcalm App is specifically designed for one company. The problem with many of the booking companies online is that you are forced to book through third party websites. These websites often charge a fee and therefore end up costing you more for the luxury of booking through them. If not booking through third party apps, then you may end up booking through hotel company websites. The problem with this is that, if you’re booking through a device or tablet, it can often be difficult to navigate web pages, a fiddly nuisance that has been ironed out with the My Montcalm app.

What does it do?

With its innovative design, the Montcalm app lets you quickly and painlessly book hotels from any of the Montcalm hotels around London. That includes the Marble Arch Branch, the Shoreditch based Chiswell Street Brewery and M by Montcalm. Whatever your preference, each hotel has its own unique character and therefore you have the freedom to choose to your tastes and area preferences. The app gives you free reign to explore the wide range of amenities and offers for guests at the hotels.

Who can use it?

Any one who is app literate can use the Montcalm App. That’s the great thing about the hotel chain, they cater to your needs as a customer. That means that if you’re a business traveller looking for a quick and easy stay whilst you attend meetings in London, the Montcalm App will find the perfect room and the perfect hotel branch for you. If you’re a family, the My Montcalm App will help you find the best family sized rooms. On top of this, if you’re looking to budget on your holiday or visit, the app will help you find the best Montcalm Hotel deals in London. With such a diverse range of hotels, you can be sure the app will adapt to your needs as a customer.

Where are the Montcalm Hotels?

There’s a reason why the Montcalm is so popular. With four different hotel sites across the city, you can book all of them from the My Montcalm App. So where are the Montcalm Hotels and who will benefit from them?

Montcalm at the Brewery

Based on Chiswell Street in a converted Beer factory, this hotel branch is full of character. Based near Old Street, this hotel is in a prime location for both business travellers and holiday makers wanting to stay in the heart of London’s cultural epicentre. With the Barbican and Shoreditch nearby, then the Brewery on Chiswell Street is great for all types of traveller.

The Montcalm at Marble Arch

This branch of the Montcalm Family is perfect for anybody who wants to be in the centre of the city when stepping right out of their door. Nearby guests will find the titular Marble Arch, will be very close to the beautiful and historic Hyde Park as well as being within walking distance of Oxford Street and many other fantastic Central London attractions.

M by Montcalm

Located in Shoreditch Tech City, the M by Montcalm is a prime example of corporate hospitality. Built especially for business travellers looking for comfort between their work schedules, the handy Shoreditch location gives you both the cultural hub of East London and one of the business centres of the city right on your doorstep.

Montcalm Royal London House

A luxury hotel based in Finsbury Square, the Shoreditch based Royal London House is located between Shoreditch and Old Street, giving you the best of both worlds.

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