Life Changing Apps For Your Stay In London


Most people would laugh if you told them that a bit of downloadable content on to your smart phone could change the way you see and go about your daily life. There you’d be wrong however. With so many new apps on the market that save you both money and time, people are beginning to live their life differently. It has been theorised that we are reaching a stage of technological advancement so great that we will soon have much more time for pleasure activities. This is great news for those visiting London. There’s so much to do in the city that it’s often difficult to find the time to fit in everything you need. With these great apps however, you can make the most of your time in the city.


Although there’s so much on offer in the information age, there is still such a thing as information overload. You can find fluctuating reviews for even the best restaurants and shops in the city, whilst the reviewers themselves aren’t necessarily the most trustworthy voices to vouch on. This is why it’s so great that companies such as Hype have created easy to use apps which can help you sift through the nonsense to find soliud reviewers and places to go in your preferred destination. You can find the best the city has to offer quick, jumping from art, restaurants, nightclubs and historical sites. On top fo this, the wealth of influencers in your local area make up the collage of viewpoints on the app, making it one of the most trustworthy and well written review sites around.


London is by no means a cheap city. That’s why it’s great that apps like Frugl help you to find the best discounts on offer in the city. It’s not surprising that companies don’t shout about discounts, wanting only their loyal customers to benefit from their deals but the problem with this is that these can often be a great way to reel in a new audience. Frugl will tell you where the best deals and discounts are in the city so you can enjoy the best meals, nightclubs and events without having to splash out.

My Montcalm

My Montcalm is the Luxury Hotel App of the future. With its easy to use interface you can quickly book a room at any of the Montcalm Hotels dotted around the city and can also find extensive information on the deals, utilities and amenities that the hotel has to offer its guests. You can also find directions, information about he hotels history and check in times all at the click of a button and wherever you are.

Hidden London

Tired of the same old in the city? Looking for that extra memorable experience? Then the Hidden London App is the right download for you. With This unique app you can tap into a whole wealth of hidden experiences in and around the city. The off the beaten track information includes London’s only cartoon museum, a hidden crypt under Fleet Street and even a Roman Bath in the city centre. You’ll not only come out with unique experiences, but with an opened mind.

ATM Hunter

With contactless payment cards taking precedence over hard cash these days, it’s still not surprising to find an esoteric market stall that just won’t accept card payments! Although this will leave some people flabbergasted at the very thought of traipsing to a bank to get money, it’s still good to feel the cash in your hand, not just a flimsy bit of plastic. That’s why ATM Hunter came into existence. For those who are left confused with cash, they can open this app and simply find their nearest ATM machine, melding the digital world with good old analogue.

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