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London can feel overwhelming when you’re new to the city. With so many tube lines, bad weather, busy bars and restaurants and more areas than there are counties in the country, it can be difficult to organise yourself and navigate your way around the city. With all the stress of the city bustle and planning absolutely vital to a relaxed and engaging holiday, there’s plenty of apps you can download to make sure you’re making the most of your trip. Whether it’s for travel, weather or looking for Hotel Deals in London, these apps will definitely help you to keep on track of your visit.

City Mapper

City Mapper is an app which lets users plan their journeys down to the minute. If you’re in the city, citymapper will give you details on all of the train and underground services, whilst also allowing you to see how long a car journey will be from your current location or any other you decide to punch in. On top of this, you can make sure that future travel plans are organised correctly, allowing for your journeys time to start at any point in the future. Citymapper is currently being used in dozens of cities across the world and is growing to become one of the quickest and efficient rout eplanner services in the world.

Montcalm Hotel Booking app

The Montcalm Hotel Booking app allows you to find some of the best Hotel deals in London whilst also allowing you to book last minute for any of the Montcalm hotels in London. If your other bookings have fallen through, the Montcalm App acts as an easy to use and tablet compatible app which will give you the most recent information on one of the best luxury hotels in the country. The app will also allow you to keep up to date with the menus in the restaurants alongside upcoming events taking place in the hotel.


Foursquare is a great app to download if you’re visiting a new city. Although it rewards you for checking in at certain locations and for checking in with other friends who have the app, the best thing about the app is that you are pinged notifications on recommended place to visit in your area. With this in mind, the app acts as a recommender and guide for the best places to visit in the city, crucial for any tourist looking to kill a few hours.

Dark Sky

This by the minute app lets you keep up to date with exactly how the weather will be, not only in your city, but in the exact space you stand. London is so big that rain in North East could mean sun in South West. You can track oncoming and past weather as well as maps for international weather, amking this one of the most technologically advanced weather apps out at the moment, especially when you take into account how manageable and easy to use it is. Dark Sky is the perfect app for the temperamental weather of London.

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