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London is indeed a wonderful holiday spot that impresses all who visit the city. It attracts millions of tourists from all parts of the all world who come to see its many famous landmarks, iconic institutions and experience British culture. Like any other bustling city it is a vibrant happening place and to get the most out of your trip you could use a helping hand.

With the advent of technology travelling has become a much more engaging and enjoyable experience, through the use of smart-phones. And with millions of apps it has simplified travelling to any foreign destination in a variety of ways. From choosing a luxury hotel in London to booking a cab everything can be done through mobile apps.  Some of the must have apps to use during your stay in London should include:

London Official City Guide App: A great app that can be downloaded for free it is available both for Android and iOS users. It gives detailed information about the city and its many attractions and is perfect for anyone visiting the city for the first time. From attractions to landmarks it also offers directions and instructions on how to get to a place of your choice. And the good news is that there also is an offline option. Users can browse through things to do in the area they stay at and the app will create a Top 10 list based on the category. And it contains comprehensive information along with trivia and other fun information about the various attractions in London. And apart from detailed information about the landmarks it also helps to navigate the city’s public transport system. It informs users as to what mode of transport would be most suitable including walking if that is the more convenient option at the time of your visit. With a weather tracker it helps visitors to plan their own travel itinerary as per the weather conditions. One of the best apps to have on a visit to London!

Tube Map (London Underground): The most popular mode of public transport in London having an app that features a map of the tube is a necessity. While the London Underground is probably the most well known of landmarks of the city, it could appear as a difficult maze to navigate, especially for first time users. Along with that there are the frequent delays and changes which make it harder to understand. Even seasoned travellers on the tube find it a challenge at times. Therefore having an app to help you with your travel on the Underground is a great benefit. It is very simple to follow and helps users to plan their travel routes all over the city. The information can then later be accessed offline, something which is of immense help when there is no connectivity when you are travelling on the Underground. It makes it simple with users just needing to search for the nearest Tube station, calculate the time taken between destinations and even reroute if any lines are operational at the time. When there is connectivity you get live updates of the operational status of the Tube long with information of any delays or issues that might hamper your trip. For first time users of the Tube it can provide invaluable assistance when travelling on the Underground.

 Museum of London (Streetmuseum App): a great interactive app to have while on a tour of the city. The Museum of London’s creation the Streetmuseum app utilises the extensive information and data of the museum, to offer a sightseeing experience quite unlike anything else you have undergone.  User can download the app and look for photos in your vicinity with the GPS on their smart phone. After you have found what you want you can compare it with the monument or landmark that is at the front of you. It allows the user to interactively compare any changes that might have taken place over time. A truly unique app it offers an interesting insight by providing information and facts about the object, which help to shed light on why those changes may have taken place. If you are a history buff you will love the experience and offers a factual tour of the city like none other. Especially, useful for those travelling on a tight budget it offers users an opportunity to buy their personal favourite prints from the museum.

Express VPN: While having and using a smart-phone abroad is of immense use with the availability of public Wi-Fi networks being invaluable, in saving expensive roaming data charges. The downside is that users of public Wi-Fi run the risk of getting their personal information hacked. That is where an app like Express VPN that offers the use of a virtual private network (comes in handy. It creates a secure connection between the user and the VPN before it connects to the Internet. Your data is encrypted and your IP address is hidden from prying eyes. This ensures that your personal information and details are safe.

Great Little Place (GLP): This app is the perfect tool for finding all those wonderful places that are tucked away in the city which can make your trip a much more memorable experience. London has so many restaurants, shops and bars in its metropolitan area that it can pose a challenge to decide which ones to visit and which to skip.  With the GLP app things are simplified! It has been built in a way to build a community of users who enjoy visiting and exploring lesser known places in the city. When they share their experiences and recommendations with other users, it creates a useful catalogue. This makes it easy to find otherwise unknown gems that would have been missed. The company that runs GLP are very particular about the venues that are recommended on the app, so users can be sure that the mentioned establishments live up to their reputation. It is extremely popular, free of cost and just the app to have when you visit a bustling metropolis like London.

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