Finding budget hotels in Central London

Luxury Hotels

Luxury is synonymous with London, and budget hotels can also be found in the area. Here in this post, we’ll be guiding you on some of your options if you’re after a cosy and cheap stay in the central area of the city. London is a place that has its perks, but being inexpensive isn’t one of them. How do we rationalise visiting such a city when accommodation costs are so high? Well, we can decide to make a few real compromises, so that we can spend more of resources on the actual experiences available in the city.

The benefits of a budget hotel

If we can find a budget accommodation, then it’s likelier we’ll be able to afford the costs associated with travelling to the capital. Considering that London is one of the most sought after holiday destinations, let’s see what we can do to help us enjoy a stay for the less than previously thought possible.

A Luxury Hotel in London isn’t hard to find, and the same could be said for mid-range B&B’s. When it comes to budget hotels, however, visitors will have to scour harder for a good deal. Tune Hotels in Liverpool Street is our first recommendation. Its no-frills approach has been hugely popular with travellers, and the three locations are Westminster, Liverpool Street, Kings Cross, and Paddington. Rooms also come with Hypnos beds as standard – which usually can only be found in luxury hotels.

A few choices to pick from

The Caring Hotel London beats out the Tune Hotels if you’re looking for a place that also provides breakfast. The price point is affordable for a two-night stay with a shared bathroom, and it can be found in a quiet neighbourhood of Craven Hill Gardens. It also provides free Wi-Fi access in the lobby area.

The Palmers Lodge runs two excellent hotels, with one on Hillspring Lodge and another on palmers lodge at Swiss cottage. The latter offers a more social atmosphere while the prior features a more modern décor. Generator Hostel is our last recommendation, and can be found a few blocks away from Russel Square underground station, walking distance to the British Museum and Leicester Square.

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