Top Apps to Use While in London


The hospitality industry has seen a rise in profitability with the introduction of hotel related and travel apps. This became possible with the invention of the smart-phone, which has completely transformed the way guests make reservations and online bookings. They can check for availability and make online reservations while on the go. The hostel industry has realised the significance of apps and as a consequence most top hotel chains in London like the rest of the world have launched their own signature apps.

If you plan a trip to London it is recommended to download a luxury hotel app along with some of the apps mentioned below. It will make travelling around the city, making reservations of all sorts and getting necessary information, hassle free.

Some of the must have apps on a trip to London are:

The Montcalm App: If you are a business traveller to London then one of the most useful hotel apps to opt for is the Montcalm App. They are out of the finest luxury chain of hotels in the city and are very popular with business travellers to London. Once you download the app you could choose from a range of hotels in London and across the UK. It offers a number of benefits to users like the top events, attractions and restaurants etc. on during your stay in London, which makes it easy to plan your daily activities. Apart from that it makes checking the price, type of suites or rooms and managing your reservations hassle free. It offers its users the benefit of push notifications through which they are updated about the latest promotional offers and special deals which help to slash expenses considerably, while in London.

Citymapper: For those who want to try something other than Google Maps, it is time to opt for Citymapper. It is exhaustive and very easy to navigate. In fact it offers more details to plan a journey than Google Maps, which include features like cycle routes, Uber integration, disruption notifications and real time departures. It covers some of the major cities in the world with London of course being one of them along with city break locations. A very useful app to plan your travel itinerary when in London!

Duolingo: One of the best apps around to learn a foreign language already more than 70 million people have signed up with Duolingo. While it certainly cannot be considered as a serious alternative to actually learning a new language, it is a great way to learn the basics or even brush up on your vocabulary or grammar, before you go to a country where English is not the first language. There are different levels which you need to complete and users are granted experience points after each level.

XE: While there are a number of currency conversion websites one of the most popular is the XE app. With a variety of business friendly features like historic currency charts, rates of precious metals etc. it is one of the most efficient apps of its kind. For regular travellers of course is most useful tool is the feature to convert every currency on the planet And of the biggest benefits is that it works offline as well with the last updated rates being stored that works perfectly if you are in a place where there is limited connectivity or are running low on data.

Tripit: It is like a personal travel agent of sorts as it gathers travel information from your inbox about confirmation emails for hotels, flights, rental cars etc. and gathers them together as a single itinerary. All you need to do is ensure your emails are forwarded to the app and it will work out the rest. And if you are on a trip with someone else you can share your travel plan with them which makes the app ideal for coordinating group travel.

Splittr: While there are numerous apps available to help to sort out your bills, Splittr is especially useful if travelling with a friend. It offers an interface to share costs incurred during a trip. All you need to do is enter the expenses during the trip as to who has paid for what and the app will manage the rest. It supports all currencies with automatic conversions and is ideal for a trip that involves multi-destinations.

App in the Air: While the name certainly does inspire confidence it is a nifty app in its functions. It tracks flights with the best coverage of flights of all major airlines and airports. It keeps users constantly updated about flight statuses even if there is no connectivity and is a great tool to help you manage time at the airport. It divides each flight into 4 separate stages which are check-in, boarding, take-off and landing. It also works seamlessly with Tripit to gather flight details.

Google Translator: While the translator is certainly of use to those who are serious about learning a new language, it is of more practical use on a daily basis as it helps to translate foreign scripts, which you might encounter on travel abroad. All you need to do is to place your camera on the script whether in a menu or on a signboard and it will be translated instantaneously. A must for someone travelling to a foreign country!

Live Trekker: Consider it to be like a digital journal of your travels, which you can later go through at leisure with an interactive map. Live Trekker tracks wherever you travel and marks the route you take in the form of a red line on map. It also takes into account the altitude and speed travelled. It is great for adventure seekers and it offers the facility of sharing video, photos and text during your trip. It creates a multimedia travel diary of your travels.

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