Great Apps For Tourists In The City

Luxury London Hotel’s

London is by all means a daunt9ng city if you’re visiting for the first time. The lights, noise and sheer scale of the place is enough to make even the bravest of us hesitate before stepping out of our hotel. That’s why the tech heads of the app world have come up with some great downloads which compile everything you need into easy, bite size chunks which will make your trip far more manageable. Whether you’re visiting with your family or solo tripping the city, these apps will definitely give you a much needed lifeline when you require it most.


Citymapper is a worldwide app which is available in hundreds of major cities around the world. This app is great as it gives you both the best direct route to whatever your destination is as well as alternative routes. On top of this, the app tells you how to get to your destination for all manner of transport, whether you’re walking, taking the bus or driving, Citymapper will work it out for you without you having to buy maps or waste paper doing the logistics. Time will be saved and you will definitely be left with a peace of mind, letting this clever travel app do the hard work for you so that you can fully enjoy your trip.


If you’re all out of public transport options, then try the quick, easy and great value Uber App. If you’re running late then this app will have a friendly, professional; and nippy driver to you in no time. What’s more, there’s no cash exchange involved, your payment done through the app. There are several options available in terms of Uber choices. Uber Pool means that you get discounted prices and share a cab with other travellers going in the same direction, whilst Uber Elite gets you a luxury car and service.

My Montcalm

At the forefront of the hotel app game, this hotel booking app for the Luxury Hotel in London the Montcalm chain is great for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to book hotels in the city. And it’s definitely worth booking with Montcalm, this hotel chain has 4 different hotels over the city, each with their own unique character and history but which share the same passion or amazing customer service and hotel living comfort. The app also provides information on the hotels vast range of amenities and services, meaning that it provides everything you’ll need for a comfortable stay in the city, whichever hotel branch you chose.

Santander Cycles

London is well known for its Santander Bikes, or “Boris” Bikes as they are known after the Mayor who brought them into existence. The Santander bikes are an alternative way to traverse the city, both eco-friendly and healthy. The way that Boris Bikes work is that you pay via your contactless card or Oyster Card per half an hour spend on it, incidentally coming out cheaper than using the tube. The app helps you locate your nearest Santander Bike station as well as giving you directions and routes that are cycle friendly.

Network Rail

For any tourist planning on traversing the country by train, the Network Rail app is a must, especially due to the unreliable nature of the British rail service. Using this app is a quick and easy way to plan your journey, book train tickets and to get live updates about any disruptions on your journey. This means that travelling around the country becomes hassle free, if there are delays or cancellations, you can always find alternative routes. What’s more  the app will find you the best deals on train tickets from its clever database.

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