Five London Apps To Make Your Stay Easy And Fun

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The tech revolution means that corners have been cut for city dwellers. By corners, we mean the time spent sifting through events, waiting for public transport and generally organising our lives. City dwellers famously have little time, takeaway’s eaten at your desk and taxis straight to your bed taking precedence over a thoroughly prepared homemade meal and a stroll by the river. This is due to the fact that there is so much to do in the city yet so little time for those who are working or here for a brief period. Apps are here to save the day, with many focussing on those little life hacks that save you enough time to enjoy the small pleasures. These five are a must for any London local and anyone visiting the city who likes to save time.

Dark Sky

Save your phone battery for a rainy day, there’s plenty of them in London. In a country that has weather so erratic, you could be sunbathing in Hyde Park one minute and the next escaping the grip of a heavy thunder storm. You don’t want to traverse the city unprepared, which is why Dark Sky Weather is such a useful app. With a slick design and easy to use interface, the app gives you minute by minute updates on the precise weather and what to expect in the coming hours. This app is essential for anyone planning a day out in the city.

My Montcalm App

Looking for a hotel on the cheap? Looking for one last minute? This Last Minute Hotel Booking App is here to save your day. With its innovative design, the Montcalm app lets you quickly and painlessly book hotels from any of the Montcalm sites around London. That includes the Marble Arch Branch, the Shoreditch based Chiswell Street Brewery and M by Montcalm. Whatever your preference, each hotel has its own unique character and therefore you have the freedom to choose to your tastes and area preferences.

Time Out London

Time Out is an international magazine which is sold and written in several cities across the world including New York and Tel Aviv. The magazine focuses on arts events and city sights that may interest visitors. Whether it’s a café, a new department store or the best in buzzing nightlife, Time Out will know what it is and when it is. What’s more, with the introduction of the Time Out app, it’s even easier to keep up to date with what’s going on around the city. The app allows you to search by date, time and location so you can really plan ahead and find the best reviews and highlights of the ever evolving UK capital.


For the best prices on live music and club nights, dice is the go to app. Here you can find out about the best events happening in your area, whether big or small. With cool aesthetics and a news feed giving you the best information on what’s coming up, your Dice account is easy to use and easy to book from. What’s more, Dice doesn’t just focus on the big events such as British Summer Time or Field Day Festival, opting for an all-inclusive database full of the biggest bands and the emerging artists popping up all over the city. This app is therefore great for the spectacles and the underground artists.

Smith Finder

For those who like their pints cheap (well that’s everyone really) the Samuel Smith finder app means that you can find the closest Samuel Smith pub. These pubs are independently run and serve a wide variety of ales and lagers. What’s more the app lets you in on some nifty deals and discounts that could save you more than a penny or two.

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