Best New Apps For City Life

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City life often comes with some compromises. Life is busy and life is expensive when living in a highly sought after and densely populated city area. That’s why the wonder of apps has started to make things easier for those with less time and more work than they can handle. Instead of drowning under daily chores and having no time to yourself, it can be a good idea to invest in handy apps that mean you can focus on the important things.


This handy app is used by those who don’t have enough time to do chores and tasks themselves. Using this app you can hire someone to pick up your washing, do your shopping or deliver keys to a friend. Your own personal delivery service as well as a helping hand, TaskRabbit means there’s not even a need to get cash out. You pay for each task through the app and have direct contact with your tasker. Every task you set is insured to ensure maximum peace of mind whilst also making your life in the city that little bit easier. The TaskRabbit app is available all over the world, people using and working for them New York City, Los Angeles & Orange County, London and many more.

My Montcalm

This one’s especially useful for London due to the abundance of Montcalm hotels in the city of London. For the best in hotel comfort and luxury, the Montcalm group are the go to in the London area. With a great app which makes it super easy to book hotels from the comfort of your home and with no annoying waits, with the My Montcalm app you have a stress free way to book great hotels. What’s more, you’ll find useful information on what the hotel can offer you through one of the best London Hotel Booking Apps out there.

Hello Alfred

From hotel concierges to home helpers, the Hello Alfred app lets you book a helper to do those necessary tasks at home that you don’t have time for. Whether it’s your plants screaming out for a much needed watering or delivery of groceries to your home whilst you’re busy on a conference call, Hello Alfred is here to sort out your needs. Hello Alfred is currently only in available in America but will no doubt expand onto our side of the Atlantic.


If you’re new to town or visiting for a few days then foursquare is the app for you. Although it may ask you to check into the new places you’re visiting so as to unlock rewards, the app is more like a real world search engine. Due to the fact that it tracks your location, the app can give you recommendations of great places to go in that part of town. For instance, if you’re staying at the Montcalm Hotel Brewery and you’re looking for somewhere to eat out in the Old Street area, Foursquare will give you some recommendations based on positive reviews in the area.

London’s Best Coffee

Created by online helping hands Blue Crow Media, the London’s Best Coffee app is just one of several niche apps for foodies, lager lovers and coffee connoisseurs. The coffee app gives you a great way to find the best independent coffee shops in your part of the city as well as cafes that could be hidden gems. Find your new local for a pick me up and download this app. What’s more, you can find great deals, coffee reviews and the app even makes note of the most recent coffee making methods so you can keep up with trends and new great tastes.

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