Capital apps: 5 fantastic apps to help you explore London

Mobile Apps

If you’re visiting a city you’re unfamiliar with, not least if it’s in a foreign country, then a smartphone’s always an essential travel accessory nowadays. Long gone are the days when it was difficult to find signal wherever you may were; we live in the days of widespread signals and, indeed, widespread Wi-Fi. In which case, with a trusty device in your pocket, you’re free to explore any city in which your find yourself to the full; especially with all those handy apps you can download to your phone. Speaking of which, if you’re looking to travel to London anytime soon, here are a few apps that’ll more than enhance your time in the UK capital…


If you were to identify a single app as the ultimate one to help figure out getting around a new city then it’s pretty much got to be the free Citymapper. Why? Simple as pie really; it locates where you currently are, asks where you want to go and supplies you with routes for getting there, including maps, transport options and timings. Handily, it’ll also inform you of any travel disruptions you may encounter on your way.

Dark Sky

Working out how to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in London’s all very well, but have you factored in the good old, inclement British weather? This app could be a lifesaver should you be planning a day chock-full of sightseeing but are worried it could end up a washout, as it will tap into the latest weather forecasting to let you know whether there’s a downpour around the corner – and just how long it’s likely to last.

The Montcalm App

Now, exploring London’s all very well, of course, but you’re also going to need somewhere to stay as you do so. Well, this app’s likely to come up trumps in that respect. That’s because it enables you to seek out, book (even cancel if you have to) and check-in and check-out of rooms at any of the Montcalm group of luxury hotels dotted throughout Central London. Put simply, it’s an outstanding last minute hotel booking app. Moreover, you can also use it to discover all the properties’ varied amenities (such as restaurants, brasseries, bars, spas, gyms and more), excellent deals and discounts on suites and local attractions.


If you’re a regular visitor to London and so looking for something a bit different, a bit of alternative to do on your latest jaunt into the capital then here’s what could well prove an indispensable app. That’s because it’s high on providing more off-the-grid recommendations for lunch, coffee, dinner and destinations, with details on the latest and most exciting bars, coffee shops, pop-up food stalls and restaurants, galleries and so very much more.

London Official City Guide

Finally, surely any visitor to London should have in their digital arsenal an app that brands itself the official guide to the city? Indeed they should when it’s this good. It features a roster of attraction recommendations – always informed not just by the time of day but also the weather conditions (so changeable in the UK, of course!) – and a ‘top 10’ of things to do in organised by type and geography. If that’s not enough, there are also extremely handy touches like details of your nearest (possibly) essential outlets, such as pharmacies, police stations, hospitals and bureaux de change. You can’t say fairer than that!

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