Fantastic four: apps you simply can’t be without in London

Luxury Hotel App

Any switched-on traveller these days will go nowhere without their smartphone device – who wants, nay can afford to be disconnected from the world irrespective of where they may be travelling in it? So, if you’re considering visiting the UK capital in the next few weeks or months, here’s a quartet of absolutely must-download applications to your phone…

London Transport App   

Let’s be honest, even Londoners themselves can become flummoxed by the capital’s transport network – especially when there are disruptions or new developments. In which case, as a visitor to the city, you certainly shouldn’t feel embarrassed to want to seek out some aid in getting out and about. This app, you’re bound to find then, is just the ticket. Because it provides information of what’s going on across the London Underground (or Tube) network in real time, as well as bus and tram timetables, details on the nearest stations, stops and licenced taxi cab services to your current location, it means that if you encounter a delay or broken-down train/ bus/ tram then you shouldn’t be left high and dry, as you’ll be able to hunt down an alternative and re-plan your journey in mere seconds.

The Montcalm App

Fair dos, not everyone is able to splash the cash when they’re visiting London, but if you have the means then there’s simply no other way to spend your time in the UK capital. It’s one of the greatest, most diverse cosmopolitan metropolises in the world and, as such, is over-spilling with a cornucopia of delights to discover. And that goes for where any visitor looking to spoil themselves might choose to stay. This app then, being dedicated to the luxury hotel in London – and its wider family of properties throughout the centre of the city – is perfect for an indulgent tourist. It features imagery and descriptions of each of the hotels’ suites, brasseries, bars, club rooms, further amenities and local attractions, as well as that all-important booking functionality, so you can choose, book and check-on your room at any time and wherever you may be – all from a few easy taps on your handheld device. Now that’s what you call service!

Riverside London App

If you’re at all familiar with London, then you’ll be aware the stretch of waterside attractions running from Waterloo to London Bridge on the south bank of the Thames – otherwise known as the Southbank – makes for an unmissable, charismatic and thoroughly family-friendly destination. And this app will keep you up to date with all that’s going on there. Everything from the London Eye to the Southbank Centre, the BFI to the National Theatre, the Tate Modern to Shakespeare’s Globe and Tower Bridge to the View from the Shard are covered via this digital must-have, as well as so many more restaurants, bars, shops and must-visits. Plus, details of all those unmissable ticket deals and promotions, of course!

Street Art London App

Finally, a real gem of an app to finish with – and one that may not occur to many a London visitor at first, until they download it and discover all its delights. The point is it’ll really help give you a different appreciation of the city, being that it enables you to find and check out the nearest street art to you wherever you may be at any time. It’s loaded with more than 280 different artworks, giving you a preview of each and details about them all, ensuring you’re able to hunt down and enjoy any of them within easy-to-reach distance of you whatever you’re up to at that particular moment. And, don’t doubt it; many of the pieces truly are fantastic examples of art; far from just ugly graffiti cluttering up forgotten and rundown underpasses and the like. Indeed, if you’re up for a stroll about town and unearthing some real unusual, little seen and authentic traces of the ‘real London’ then this app could become an essential part of your travel toolkit!

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