App-tastic: a range of apps no London visitor should be without!


So you’re coming to the UK capital for a short-break, eh? Fancy checking out all the attractions, fine dining, nightlife, culture and life one of the world’s biggest and greatest metropolises offers? Well, you won’t be alone; millions find London an irresistible tourist destination every year. However, far from all of them are aware of the most useful smartphone applications they can download to ensure they get the most out of their London experience…

Tube Map

Frankly, the London Underground (or the Tube, as it’s known to all and sundry) is pretty much unavoidable if you want to get around London swiftly, easily and cost-efficiently. This app, however, makes the whole deal even easier as it enables you to plan your route and avoid any disruptions, headaches or hiccups on all the different lines across the network. Obviously, as it’s an app you can download it works offline, so can prove a big help to get around somewhere unfamiliar should you usually rely on the likes of Google Maps but suddenly find yourself without Wi-Fi.

Santander Cycles

Ah yes, Boris bikes. So nicknamed after the Mayor of London that introduced them to the city a few years back, they’re the cheap, public transport-suppled, red bicycles you’ll see here, there and everywhere all over town that are available to use via different docking stations. Downloading this app is nothing short of essential if you fancy using one to get about for the day, as it makes the whole job of getting hold of one easier – not least as it points out where the nearest one’s located to you.

The Montcalm App

Don’t overlook hotel apps as merely publicising one place of stay and attempting to persuade you to go there. For instance, if you’re looking to really spoil yourself on a short-break in the capital and so in the market for a luxury hotel, this London hotel booking app doesn’t just enable you to check out one property (plus view imagery of amenities and consider the latest deals and offers) but all those in the Montcalm family, as well as book rooms, look up attractions in their local area and check-in and check-out. Yes, really.

Great Little Place

If discovering as much of ‘hidden London’ as possible is your thing on a visit to the city, then this offering could be just the thing for you. Why? Because every suggestion it makes for attractions – from, say, charming cafés to charismatic little cocktail bars – are recommended by London locals themselves. Presented as ‘hidden gems’ you can swipe through them, rejecting those that don’t do it for you or saving those that hit the spot.


This app’s ideal for those who fancy the idea of being food savvy, making them aware, as it does, of last-minute deals on eating options available that day. Its focus is primarily on independent food sources in the capital so it may well appeal to the more sustainability-minded traveller and, to that end, it’ll point out what’s going food-wise of that nature around them.


Finally, following a long day of sightseeing in London, it’s time for dinner. This app’ll ensure you don’t have to wait in long queues, let alone search high and low for a quality place with good food that also has a free table. It gives you reviews and pics of restaurants that may take your fancy dependent on where you’re located and what cuisine you fancy. Bon appétit!

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