Best Apps for Travel Success

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If you’re a tried and tested traveller with a tech savvy mind set, then downloading travel apps can make your trips even easier, lucrative and enjoyable. With travel apps giving you the best in Luxury London Hotel’s, there’s plenty more to explore and plenty more tools aiding your adventures. Whether you’re travelling on business or leisure or with a family, saving the memory space for these handy downloads will make your future trips dead simple, even giving you some fun along the way.


Need to quickly brush up on the Spanish terms you haven’t looked at since school? The Duo Lingo is a quick and easy app for you to personalise your education experience. Whether you have a business meeting and want to look bilingual or just want to order ice cream at your favourite Italian Gelato, Duolingo will help you build up your language skills at your own pace. Taking the pressure off learning, Duolingo has the ability to analyse the way that its 70 million users learn, and therefore can do research and perfect the way that it approaches language learning. Not only is the app an effective way for people to learn at all stages and ages, but it’s fun as well, creating games that help you learn so that it feels like you’re not learning at all.

Google Translate

Another language based app for when you find yourself in a foreign country, this app is less of a learning tool and more of a support tool. Like translate bar on google web browsers, the translate tool is best for words or phrases that you come across on your travels. The app even lets you take photos of signs or words in the street so as to translate for you, very clever and a smart download for anyone who doesn’t want to translate a sign incorrectly and end up travelling to the wrong the location.

Wolfram Sun Exposure

This app gives you a detailed analysis of the sunlight in the part of the world you’re in, letting you know, especially in the hotter climates, how much sun cream si going to have to be used. This one is great for those with skin conditions or a paler shade that burns easily. It can also help you figure out what outfit is best for your day if you plan to be outdoors for a lot of it.

The Time Out App

Time Out is an international publication giving people the best things to do in a city. If you have a few hours to kill and are looking for a nearby attraction or even just a great restaurant or bar, then the Time Out App will help you discover the best places in your vicinity. The app, like the website itself, gives detailed explanations and background information to the best the city your in has to offer whilst also showing you opening and closing times and exact locations.

Live Trekker

Kept a journal of your travels on paper but lost it along the way? The Live Trekker app lets you record your routes and therefore keep a memory of the places you’ve been and the routes you’ve taken. You can also add your own text, videos and photos so you can create your very own multimedia diary, even better than a pen and paper. The Live Trekker app is especially useful for adventure travellers as you can record your altitude, speed and distance, making hiking and off road travel even more exciting and thrilling. For those with a competitive streak, you could even use it to beat your personal best, returning to locations to climb that mountain in record time.

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