The London Travel Apps You Need To Get

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With the insurmountable size of London making it difficult to navigate and organise your daily routine, especially when paired with the hectic lifestyle of most of the city’s inhabitants, getting an app to cut those corners and save time can be the best thing that ever happened to you. With apps becoming such a large part of the digital marketplace and the intelligence of technology growing exponentially on an almost daily basis, there’s an app for almost anything now, ranging from ordering dinner to Last Minute Hotel Booking Apps. With London being one of the top market places for apps and their users, it is no wonder so many apps have popped up in recent years, being both the saving grace for locals and tourists alike. Here we run through some of the best on the market.

London’s Best Coffee

Blue Crow Media’s London’s Best Coffee App is one of the best ways to find a quick gourmet pick me up in the city. And let’s face it, if you’re visiting London you’re going to need it. Ranging from the best independent Roasteries and artisan makers of the finest in coffee, this app keeps you up to date with some of the best in the business. There is also a rolling news feed keeping you up to date with the most recent in caffeine fuelling news in the city whilst the map helps you to locate and sample your finest cafes.

Tube Deluxe

Got to your tube station and realised there’s a huge delay? Or maybe you’ve misjudged what your nearest tube station is. There is no need to fear with Tube Deluxe, the app that can plan your journey and work out your best route from point A to point B. What’s more, tube deluxe will give you the tube times, any delays on that line so that you know how to make the reroutes you’ll need. The tube system can be hard to navigate for any visitors to the city so downloading this hyper quick app will save you time and stress on your expedition from Leyton to Croydon.


Get Taxi is your go to for a quick cab in London. Unlike the well-known Uber app which focuses on Uber Taxis around many major cities in the world, this service is focused solely on the black cabs of London. Black Cabs, and most famously the Hackney Cab with its roomy back seats are famous in London as an iconic vehicle, much like the red double decker bus. The Get Taxi app lets users find a quick taxi without having to flag one down and wait for a potentially long time to get out of that blustery British weather.

Craft Beer London

Craft Beer London is another app from Blue Crow Media which focuses on London’s tradition of craft beer and alcohols. Much like the coffee app, this one focuses on the finding and rating of independent craft ale and beer brewers in the city. This well help all visitors to the city who are bored of the same old mass produced alcoholic beverages find something unique within the city. These are paired with user descriptions of what’s on offer as well as the venues in which you’ll be drinking.

Open Table

Open Table is a worldwide app that lets users find the best restaurants and book tables at their favourite restaurants. The app also provides user reviews and star ratings as well as descriptions and photos. You can also see how many times that restaurant has been booked that day, perfect for finding the best eateries at short notice.

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