We all know how difficult it can be to get by when in another foreign country. With so many languages out there it’s often difficult to fully integrate into another country. That’s why apps are a great way to help us take in a new culture. With smart technology almost being an extension of our physical selves it’s not surprising that apps are beginning to help us communicate, to organise and shape a better world. There are plenty out there to choose from and finding the best ones for your trip could be crucial to a smooth running culture soak. It may be that you’re only away for a few days and need to find a few great things to do in quick succession, it could be that you’re travelling plans are extremely complicated and you need to be on point with timings and tickets, or it could be that you need to make last minute accommodation amendments. Whatever it is, this list of apps will help you to fully appreciate your stay abroad.

Travel List

For that super savvy traveller who wants to keep on top of the packing, Travel List is the go to app for just that, making lists for travel. Whether it’s a super hefty bag you’re packing for a long haul trip or you need to keep your VISA papers in order, this app will help you to keep everything organised. It will allow you to set last minute reminders and even give you a list of the stop overs on your journey, keeping you organised and safe in the knowledge that the journey will go smoothly and you’ve not missed a thing, not even your toothbrush, which tends to be the main item to usually get stranded on a holiday!


Tile is an app for the forgetful and clumsy. This app comes with up to eight tiles. These tiles you can stick onto any valuable object or well used object you own and the app will be able to track it, wherever you are. If you’ve had a hectic flight boarding and you can’t find your phone, Tile swill allow you to find out if you left it at home, in the airport or it’s in the baggage compartment. If you’re looking for an app to again help with that peace of mind, this time for valuables when travelling then Tile is the go to app for the forgetful jet setter.

Say Hi Translate

Working in much the same way as Google Translate, Say Hi Translate brings the foreign language understanding tool to a whole new level. By translating your own words from country to country, the Say Hi Translate App allows you to communicate with other cultures. What’s more, there’s no fiddly typing, this app merely allows you to speak into your smart device for the words to be translated back to you. No more fiddly typing, this app is quick and easy to use and will have you understanding other languages in seconds.


Viber is another great communication tool, allowing you to call and text from anywhere in the world, even if your phone account doesn’t allow it. Using WIFI, you can communicate with both other viber users and normal phones, using the Viber Out feature. This app is helpful in emergency situations or if you’re lost, allowing you to stay in touch and spend a fraction of the money. Think of Viber as an international version of WhatsApp or Messenger, allowing you to contact all of your contacts in no time at all!


Ever been short changed at the Exchange desk? Amount gives you the opportunity to monitor exchange rates, which shift as quickly as sand in wind, and allows you to keep track of what the best deals are and the best time to exchange your money. The app is not only helpful with currency converting, but also helps you to keep track of petrol consumption, cooking and clothing sizes in different countries, all designed within an easy to use interface and containing 700 varieties of unit with 30 different categories.


Are you prone to a bout of jetlag when jumping through time zones? If so, Entrain will be just the app you need to get a good night’s sleep. The app calculates the best ways for you to adjust to a new place’s time zones, giving mathematically proven light schedules which will help you keep on top of your sleep and have you adjusting in no time at all. The app is so clever that it records your lighting history and helps you to adjust your light levels. Light is the main reason we don’t sleep, instinctively we are prone to wake when the sun rises, making it difficult if between time zones there’s only two hours of darkness! The app tells us when to let more light in and when to shut it out, keeping our sleep on schedule for that time zone.


For the international foodie, Foodspotting is the perfect app for you to really judge a restaurant menu. Using the app you can find out from locals whether the food you’re eating is on point and as good as the menu and waiters say it is. You can find a range of restaurants wherever you are which have been reviewed and had the food photographed so you know exactly what to expect and exactly what to avoid!

Montcalm booking app

The Montcalm booking app is the best app for visiting London specifically on a four star trip. As one of the best London hotel booking apps out there you’ll be introduced to Montcalm’s range of rooms, amenities and special offers, changing with the seasons. What’s more, Montcalm will allow you to keep your room bookings tailored, giving you the chance to amend them on the go if your sleeping arrangements change.

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