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London is a city with an incredibly rapid pace. Caught in rush hour, you can be whisked through the London capital without seeing a thing, the busy hustle and bustle meaning you don’t catch anything as you try to traverse the narrow streets. That’s the problem with London, if you don’t plan, you’ll end up seeing none of the city whilst you take your trip. That’s why if you are lucky enough to own a smart phone, it’d be a wise choice to invest in some of the countless handy travel apps available online. These apps will organise, suggest and predict the timing of your journeys and will help you during your trip to London. Whoever you’re travelling with, it’s a good idea to understand where and what exactly you’ll be doing during your trip. After all, in London, a well planned break is a happy break, and apps can do much of the leg work for you.


This public transit app is one of the most popular and efficient out there. Using data collated for your given city (in this case London) it finds your quickest route from point A to point B on your preferred method of transport. One of the most innovative dimensions to the Citymapper app is that the data is often user generated. The more journeys taken by users on the app, the more efficient it becomes as the data is collated from the records of these journeys and the routes taken. For London visitors to note, the app originated in London due to it being “the world’s most historic and iconic public transport city”, making it the ideal birth place for such a quick and easy to use app.

Santander Cycles

Finding it’s birth in the ex-mayor Boris Johnson’s policy of upping the cycling trend in the city, Santander Cycles or “Boris Bikes” are the most recent addition to the public transport in the city. These bikes, used as easily as the underground or the tube can be rented for half an hour or more and have led to a surge in cycling in the city to reverse the huge carbon footprint left by the city. The Santander app makes it easier to take out a bike from one of the countless docking stations around the city, even telling you where your nearest one is.

National Trust

The National Trust is a British Charity who work to keep historic places and areas of outstanding natural beauty safe, preserving them as grounds for the public to view and explore. The app therefore, has come a long way since the charities 1895 origins, and gives locals a great way to explore and find great days out at over 580 National Trust sites. On top of this the app even guides you through the gardens, parks and sites, giving you virtual tours and relevant information on travel, parking and incredible experiences. If visiting the UK, a National Trust Park simply must be on your agenda, and the National Trust app makes it that much easier to see the beauty of the British countryside.

Hotel booking apps

Hotel booking apps such as the Montcalm Hotel App are great ways to make your hotel booking a little bit easier. Using the app, you can find out about your specific hotels amenities and facilities, making sure that you are making the right choice for your trip. If you are travelling with children, make sure the hotel you’re looking to stay at caters for children by downloading the app and exploring what is being offered. What’s more, using hotel apps means that you’ll have access to quick and easy room booking and amending services, allowing you to edit your booking or cancel it with minimal stress. The efficiency of apps in general make it a perfect application for hotel booking services, ensuring that you have first hand access to some of the best deals the hotel has to offer.


YPlan is an app which allows you to find the best events coming up in your area, tailored around your interests. This includes last minute event booking, direct through the app as well as discounts and special offers. If you’re stuck for something to do in the city, then download YPlan and discover your next unforgettable memory. If that’s not enough, YPlan was named the fastest growing tech company in the UK back in 2015, an example of just how popular it has become. Whether it’s a music concert or the hottest theatre ticket, YPlan gives you access to the entertainment capital of the world right at your fingertips.

Taxi Apps

Whether it’s Uber or Kabbee, taxi apps are popping up left right and centre. With these apps you must exchange no money by hand, simply decide where you want to go and when you want the taxi and the world is your oyster. With a wide range of choices in terms of what sort of transport you would like, you’ll even be shown the amount you’ll pay before you join. With Uber Pool, you’ll get discounts for sharing the taxi with other users going in a similar direction to you, whilst Uber Elite allows you to pay that little bit extra for a luxury and efficient journey. It’s not only in London where you can find Uber taxis, the company has spread throughout many of the major cities in the world, simplifying and economising travel for millions of people since its birth in San Francisco in 2009.


Looking for a shopping spree in London? Whether in Oxford Circus or Brick Lane, the Quidco service allows members to find cashback and special offers in selected products during their shopping. There are many high street brands who are using the app to promote their products, including Tesco’s Morrisons and Waitrose, giving users premium discounts and enhanced customer service depending on their membership package. Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat or a souvenir for a loved one back home, the Quidco app gives you the chance to find the best high street deals possible.

Quidco is a cashback website based in the UK, with offices in Sheffield and London. The site takes the commission (termed “cashback”) usually paid by retailers to third-party referrers and passes it on to Quidco members.

There are two tiers of membership: Basic and Premium members. The service is free for Basic members. Premium members have their first £5 cashback retained to qualify for enhanced levels of customer service and a range of offers from faster paying retailers.[2]

As well as online cashback offers, Quidco provides its members with a range of deals that can be redeemed when shopping on the highstreet. Members just add their 16-digit card numbers from debit and credit cards to register, then shop as normal to receive cashback rates on in-store purchases.

In November 2012, Quidco became the first UK company to offer cashback on grocery shopping. Quidco ClickSnap offers shoppers a wide range of supermarket cashback deals on household items – both online and in-store – in a variety of top UK retailers, including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose.

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