Hot nights out; white hot apps: the best London nightlife apps


Apps have transformed the world we all live in; no question. For instance, think you need to know a big city intimately to know exactly where to go – and when – to experience the night of your life? Well, you’d be wrong. Today, all you need is the right app uploaded to your phone.

And London’s a great example. It’s absolutely teeming with fantastic retail therapy options, delicious-dish-serving restaurants, awesome daytime tourist-focused attractions and sensational night-time bars, nightclubs and venues – of course it is, it’s one of the world’s most exciting, beguiling cities. And to hunt down the very best of these locations is easier than it’s ever been before because you can do so at the touch or two of a button on the very device you carry around in your pocket wherever you are in the world, whatever the time of day.

Getting app and about

Don’t doubt it; the days of word-of-mouth are pretty much over; the currency of hot, happening joints is now digital – it’s all about recognition via app. A good starting point is the established London Nightlife app; it puts together listings of the very best bars and clubs in the city. Meanwhile, the equally as reliable Songkick is top notch for discovering the great and the good when it comes to gigs, yes, every night of the year – and it handily lists how and where to buy tickets from. And then there’s the emerging Lamppost; a cool and comprehensive app, it’s almost as good as a great night out and could certainly deliver one, covering as it does only the most essential gigs, events and DJ nights.

However, it’s not just about the venue, of course, it’s about getting back to your accommodation afterwards – like it or not. And, with Über in London’s dog house, for better or worse, where to turn app-wise to ensure you get back to your city visit’s base, safe and sound? Well, perhaps the best taxi app going is Addison Lee’s; a more than decent, dependable and safe taxicab service that operates throughout the city and is trusted by many a London businessperson during the daytime.

Daytime and essential apps

Sure, though, if you’re visiting the Big Smoke for a few nights, you’re going to need more than just apps that guide you to top nights out; you’re going to need their equivalents for the day. In which case, you might want to upload toptable; its raison d’être being to supply the hungry with not just the choice of places to eat throughout the UK (and especially in the capital), but also up-and-coming establishments with supreme menus and irresistible vibes – and, maybe most important of all, those with discounted deals.

Additionally, you can’t beat the simply marvellous Gems of London. Why? Because this cheap-as-chips natty little app can transform famous sites, regular streets and even nondescript back alleys into how they appeared centuries ago; effectively, it’s all about putting the city into historical context, in a wonderfully engaging, accessible way.

And, of course, there’s the apps that are simply essential for your trip. For instance, you’re going to need a dependable, high-quality London hotels app; one, if you don’t mind us saying, rather like our own. For, The Montcalm app enables you to book, edit and cancel a room reservation at any of our hotels wherever you may be – and get access to terrific deals too. Meanwhile, there’s getting about – the ubiquitous Citymapper is your saviour here. Once installed, it opens you up to a cornucopia of maps of London’s public transport network (Tube, bus and so on) and, brilliantly, enables you to compare fare prices according to your preferred travel option. Essential, indeed!

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