Booking apps

It would be easy to dismiss hotel booking apps. With so many options for booking your hotel room already, an app may not be the first thing you think about, especially when you have the whole internet at your disposal and phone communication being quicker than it ever has been before. The fact of the matter however is that apps have changed the way the world thinks and that if your business doesn’t have one, you could be missing out. Just look at Montcalm London Hotel Booking App and you’ll see what we mean.


The Montcalm Hotel booking app allows customers to explore the hotels various services from the comfort and mobility of your phone. With so many choices to cater to all tastes, downloading the Montcalm App will allow you to investigate everything the hotel has to offer. Whether its decaffeinated coffee waiting in your room or to make sure your bed pillows are suited to your back problems, the Montcalm app will make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your stay.

Hotel information

The app also includes detailed pages which will tell you everything you’ll need to know about the facilities and variety of rooms in the hotel. Whether you’re looking for a twin ingle room or a romantic weekend suite for you and your partner, perusing the extensive amount of photos and information on the Montcalm Hotel Booking app will allow you to make informed decisions on the best room for you.

Quick booking amendments

You’ve just hopped on the train when your family tells you their flight has been cancelled and they’re not going to be able to make the hotel booking for that afternoon. With no internet connection and nowhere to set up your laptop, how do you amend your booking? These last minute problems are part of everyday life and making sure that you can rectify them is vital for a successful holiday. The Montcalm hotel app lets you quickly and simply amend any hotel bookings you’ve made, making sure that you’re not wasting any time or money on your trip.

The best deals

Using the Montcalm Hotel Booking app you’ll be able to find the best deals and seasonal offerings that London hotels have to offer. With Halloween just round the corner, you can expect to find seasonal amenities and fun events all around the hotel. Keeping up to date with the fast paced rollercoaster of offerings from the Montcalm will require you to download the app, making sure you find out about the latest deals before they are no more.


The app gives you succinct directions and places of interest near your hotel, so you’ll never feel lost. Even before our on point and friendly concierge service sees to you, you’ll feel at home and comfortable at the click of a button.

Extra entertainment and content

What’s more, you can find out about London events and great things to do by exploring the blogs and content on the Montcalm App. These witty and entertaining articles will tell you everything you’ll need to know about London tourist attractions and information about the city and hotel.

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