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The world of apps has made our lives far better than previously imagined. With so many apps out there now to help us find shortcuts in the everyday world, we have found a sweet spot in time in which our lives are to necessarily run by apps, but are enhanced by them. Whether it’s a quick food delivery, a masseuse to our work place or deals or an app which helps you to book the best shows in the country, there’s always something out there for people looking to find that life hack. One life hack apps have definitely brought us is the ability to find promotional codes and discounts almost anywhere. Here’s our list of the best out there.

Retail Me Not

Using this free app, you can find a list of in-store promotions and discounts which are sure to help you tighten those purse strings. Whether it’s in a restaurant or a clothes store, participating retailers will let their discounts and sale options be available for all app users to see. This makes your life easier and allows the shop assistants to do their job, serving you, rather than having to explain information you can find on the app. On top of this, the app will allow you to get alerts on new deals in your area.


Drinkis is essential to enhance your night out. Participating bars will allow their deals and discounts to be seen on the app and will allow you to find discounted and often free drinks in the bar you’re in. This is a win win due to the fact that you’re saving money and the participating bars are bringing in potential returning customers. You just have to leave it to them to make you want to come back for more!

Montclam Hotel Booking App

Using Promo codes, you can use the Montcalm Hotel Booking App to find the best in hotel deals with the Montcalm Hotel group. On top of this, regular blogs and seasonal offerings means that you’ll be able to keep on top of everything this luxury hotel group will be throwing your way. The app will allow you to find the best deals as well as helpful information to enhance your stay at the hotel. Another benefit is that you can amend your room reservations at the click of a button, making sure you never waste a bed in your luxury room.


On top for being a great way to find cheap meals, Groupon have now moved into holiday discounts, homeware and many others. This means that you can use the app to find cheap shortcuts on almost anything, especially handy if you’re feeling strapped for cash. Whether you need items shipped to you or you’re going to be visiting in store, Groupon allows you to be flexible with your holidays, meals and consumer goods. With Christmas just round the corner, Groupon may very well be the best way for you to save money.

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