Use The Top Hotel Apps And Enjoy Your Vacation Without Any Hassles!


Travelling can be fun when you have a nice warm bed and a comfortable place ready for you right after you arrive at a new city. Looking for hotels in a new place is a nightmare for most travellers. Both business travellers, as well as vacationers, try to avoid this situation by booking rooms in advance. These days there are plenty of applications available on the internet where you can do so with just a few clicks.

The London Hotels

Almost all the top London hotel chains have their own mobile application through which their customers can book rooms in advance. Such apps are developed as a part of their marketing strategy so that they can reach out to the customers all over the world. But it is solely your responsibility to make proper use of such a software otherwise you will end up paying high charges for the low-quality hotels. This is why it is always best to go through all the details that are provided on these apps before booking any room.

Booking The Rooms

Some of the top hotel chains that have their applications where rooms can be booked online are Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Starwood, and Hilton. If you are using apps like this for the first time then you are probably not aware of any of these names. Well compared to the other applications Hyatt offers more features to their users. Unlike Hyatt’s competitors, it offers way more than just room booking facilities. It lets all the users to check-in as well as out of the hotel by using the software interface. Among the basic facilities you can expect online booking, rewards tracking and also reservation management. But recently there were talks about some glitches in the system so if you are not looking specifically for this hotel then it is best to opt for the other options like Ritz-Carlton.

Customizing The Stay

Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts app can be downloaded on both iOS as well as Android phones and is way more polished than the other alternatives. You can not only make reservations but can also edit them anytime you wish through its interface. Along with this, there are plenty of other additional features in this Luxury Hotel App that will definitely make your stay more customized and enjoyable. One such feature is that you can get access to all the exclusive offers and discounts that are available in the different properties of this group.

Discounts And Offers

You can view the offers that are available, during the duration of your stay and avail them if needed. Not just this there are numerous other property-specific features that you can use if you download the app on your mobile. Multiple local suggestions are offered from the concierge of each and every hotel and you can even unlock the various experiences which you will encounter at the hotel with the help of the built-in QR Code scanner. In some of the properties, the codes are attached to the artworks that are mounted on the wall.

Now The Other Services

Another popular name in the travel industry is the Marriott. This hotel group has numerous applications that are meant for various purposes so you need to be careful while downloading them on your phone. Only one is meant for booking purposes while the others are to be used by the people who are already staying at one of their properties. The one that you need for your next business trip is the Marriott Mobile app which is designed specifically for newcomers. You can expect a seamless access to the city guides which will make sure that you never face any issues with navigation while you are in London. But if you are using their guest service app then you must be careful as all the properties are not listed on the application at present. So before downloading it you must do some research and make sure that your chosen property is listed on this app.

A Strong Customer Support System

Unlike the other applications present in the travel industry the Starwood Hotels & Resorts app is graphically rich so you can expect a lot from this one. The two most talked about features are a 24-hour assistance through video chats and an interface on which you can book rooms in any one of the thousands of properties that they own. Some of the other applications that are owned by the same hotel group offer features like room service ordering facilities, weather information and various other tools that will surely impress you. But these apps are more useful for those who are staying in the hotel so once you have reached London you can download some of them on your way to the hotel.

Using More Than One Software

The benefit of hotels like Starwood as well as Marriott is that they have different applications for various departments so you can download one and enjoy its features. But hotels like Hilton make things a  little complicated with their multiple applications that are depended on each other to some extent. This is mainly because there are separate applications for each and every property that is owned by the Hilton hotel group.

Juggling Multiple Software Interfaces

There is another application that offers a booking and rewards managing platform for all the hotels under this group. But if you want to utilize the points that are offered by this app and buy a service at one of their hotels, then you will need to use the application of that particular hotel to complete the process. In case you do not want the trouble of using multiple apps for a single purpose then it is best to avoid it and go for the other alternatives. So if you do not want to get stuck with the poor quality rooms and hotels during the festive season, then you need to make use of these advanced apps and book your suites beforehand!

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