Few Travel And Hotel Apps To Use On Your 2017 London Trip!

Hotel Apps

Planning a trip to London?  well booking your flight tickets is not enough you need some of the travel apps that will not only make your stay more enjoyable but will also make things easier for you. Not only this, you can even book the best suites with the help of a London Hotel Booking App. All these apps are developed for the benefit of the travellers who feel confused in a new city. Travel apps don’t just make it easy to walk around in a new place, they also make things safer.

Easy And Safe

If you are not aware of the right direction you may get lost and find yourself somewhere which is unsafe for you or your kids. So using these applications are highly important if you want to stay safe and enjoy your holiday without any problems. No matter what issues you are facing during the trip these apps will have the right solution for you. Almost all these applications are available free of cost in the market so you can be assured that you will not have to spend any money for them.

The Transport System

While talking about apps the first one that crosses the mind is Citymapper. This one application has been the first choice of travellers for a long time because of the offline maps and it’s easy to use interface.  London’s transport can sometimes be a  little confusing for the foreigners who are travelling for the first time. This product aims at simplifying the entire public transport network so that tourists can choose the cheapest and fastest means of transport without facing a lot of trouble.

Now The Bikes

All you have to do is provide your location and the software will make all the calculations and will provide you with all the information about the time, cost and the routes that you can take for reaching your destination. Here you can pick anything from a bus, cab, or tube as you will get multiple transportation options along with the travel disruptions that may create issues for you. Not just this sometimes rain safe options are also offered by this software. Another common app among the travellers is the Boris Bikes which has all information regarding the docking stations where you can hire cycles and keep them after the end of your tour.

Availability OF Cycles

Another benefit of using Boris Bikes which has been rebranded as the Santander Cycles is the fact that it will not only provide you with the locations of the stations but will also display the availability of the cycles so that you do not waste your time by visiting the stations where there are no cycles for hire. You can also find empty bays for ditching your cycles after you finish your tour.

Some Other Things To Do

In case you have visited London plenty of times and are tired of seeing the same places and museums you must download the National Trust app. This particular software is meant for all those travellers who are looking for the hidden gems of London. It consists of a list of all the historic as well, as beautiful places of the entire country. You will find all the current events and a  list of almost 400 locations as well as properties through this software. But there are other applications in the market too which can help you to find cool events where you can hang out with the entire family or with your friends. Comedy clubs, theatres, musicals, museum openings, and even supper clubs can be found on the applications like YPlan. You can use the various filters to search for events by the type, price and even location of the venue.

Saving Some Money

What makes YPlan so special is the fact that it is not only a software for maps and event listing but is also a great platform for booking tickets as here you will get alerts for flash sales. This way you can save a lot of money on tickets and enjoy the shows with your family. Toptable which is now owned by OpenTable, is the best restaurant-reservation service provider that allows the users to book tables online in any of the restaurants in London. You can use price, rating as well as distance filters while looking for restaurants. It gives the users access to hundreds of local as well as the top restaurants of this city.

Book The Tables

You can use the map provided by the app and look for the venue that is closest to your location. Once you find the right venue you need to select it and choose from the wide range of sittings that are offered by the place. It is available on both iPhone as well as Android devices so you can download it irrespective of the phone you use.

The Beautiful London Cafes

In case you need a break from all the sightseeing and the exotic cuisines you can go for a cup of coffee with your loved ones in any of the reputed cafes of London. London’s Best Coffee app will bring the list of all the top roasteries and the independent cafes that are present in this city. Not only this, you will even get all the details about the machineries that are used in these places, prices, offers and tasting events. So if your family is planning on visiting London such unique apps are a must for you.

Now The Cabs

The list of apps will not be complete without the taxi app which is present in the phone of almost every Londoner. The tube is not always the fastest transport available on the streets of London. So if you need to go somewhere urgently you must have one of the popular taxi apps on your phone. It will not only make it easier for you to travel but will also save a lot of your money. The black London cabs may be a convenient option but they are extremely costly so taxi apps like Uber offer a low cost and convenient alternative to these black cabs.

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