9 Essential apps for London visitors

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Visiting the UK capital has never been more popular, but with popularity comes potential complications (all those attractions, hotels and travel options); never fear, though, here’s a handful of apps to make navigating your way around London that bit easier…


Perfect for planning journeys on the Underground, TubeMap’s offering of up-to-the-minute line and train updates is extremely useful for subterranean London travel – not least because you can download an offline map too.

Available on iOS and Android

Tube Exits

Getting to the right station and on to the right platform and on to right train is all very well, but what if you’re really pressed for time? This incredibly smart app predicts which carriage of the train to aim for and where to sit/ stand so can make the hastiest exit possible from the train, platform and station at the other end. Sorted.

Available on iOS


It may be über-popular, but it’s also über-useful in cities like London. You can request and pay for your cab experience at a mere few touches of your screen – as convenient as can be. No wonder it’s so über-quitous.

Available on iOS and Android

Dark Sky

The trouble with London – at times – is that it tends to rain. And quite unexpectedly at that. Well, at least with this app you’ll be able to find out whether it’s about to chuck it down or if it’s going to remain fine and for how long, thus ensuring you can plan what to wear for the day and know whether to set foot outside with that handy brolly.

Available on iOS

The Montcalm

It’s all very well discovering how – and making it easier – to get about London, but you’re also going to need a quick, fast and efficient way to find, select and book accommodation. There’s many a hotel comparison website out there (of course), but why not cut out the middle-man and go straight for this last minute hotel booking app for the wonderfully luxurious but affordable Montcalm Group of hotels?

Available on iOS and Android


Overawed by all the attractions that the UK capital offers and not sure just how to choose between them? Worry no more because this app alerts you of all the most happening shops, boutiques, bars and cafés in your vicinity – that’s right, slap-bang in the part of town where you’re staying.

Available on iOS


If you’re looking for more than just the trendiest spots near you (which this app amply tells you about too), then Wriggle’s the one to detail the latest and most bargain-friendly deals and packages at restaurants, pubs and nightspots around the corner from your accommodation.

Available on iOS and Android

Hidden London

Here’s an offering for the more discerning visitor to the Big Smoke. Tired of the London Eye? Bored of Buckingham Palace? Get off the beaten track with this app, which suggests both underappreciated and lesser advertised sights right across the capital.

Available on iOS Android

Ma Ville

And, finally, one for culture vultures – Ma Ville’s all about highlighting the latest arts events going on near you, whether they be at the coolest and trendiest galleries, museums or other kinds of venues. It has an oh-so stylish interface too – but of course!

Available on iOS

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