Travel-tastic: apps to help you get about London

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Getting around London often means staying on your toes so as to find the latest, easiest routes and taking advantage of the best deals on prices. And that means downloading the most relevant apps…

ATM Hunter

You’re out and about in London and there’s no ATM – or cash machine – in sight. What to do? Why not pop into that newsagents or corner shop you spied just down the street; there’s bound to be one in there, right? Now, ATMs in such outlets can get you out of a sticky hole, that’s true; but given they usually charge more than £1 every time you use them they’re far from easy on your wallet. This app’s just the answer then, as it’ll locate your nearest cashpoint; very useful when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings.

Available on iPhone and Android


Did you know that if your journey on London Underground’s delayed for more than a quarter-of-an-hour you can get a refund? To be fair, it’s probably unsurprising you don’t because Transport for London (TfL), which is responsible for the capital’s public transport, apparently keeps millions of pounds in untouched refunds every year. This smarty-pants app then ‘taps’ what you’re owed should you have been delayed, getting the wheels in motion so you can get your money back.

Available on iPhone

The Montcalm app

If you’re travelling about the UK and intend London to be just part of your visit to these shores, then it’s likely you’re going to have to find, choose and book hotel rooms during your travels. The way forward is undoubtedly hotel booking apps and those for individual hotels. Taking this  as an example (because, say, you fancy spoiling yourself when in London), not only does it enable you to check out all you could want to know about the accommodation itself but also to book a room while taking advantage of all the latest and best deals it gives you access to.

Available on iPhone and Android


With all its eating-out options, London’s the place to be for fine dining, all right. The one drawback here is you can really pay through the nose for a good restaurant experience in the capital. Bit of a shame, yes? If so, this app’s the one for you. Tapping into at least 80% of all London’s Michelin-starred venues, it alerts you to terrific deals and bargains, finds nearby eateries and aids you in booking online.

Available on iPhone and Android


An award-winning ‘A to B’ journey planner that ensures getting around cities on the complex side, like London, suddenly becomes easy as pie, Citymapper’ll inform you of everything you need to know regarding the Tube, buses, Overground rail, ‘Boris bikes’, taxi cabs and Uber services.

Available on iPhone and Android


As Britain’s Overground rail services are nowadays run by a conglomeration of different companies, the (somewhat odd) truth is that it can be cheaper to buy a ticket each for the two halves of a single cross-country rail journey instead of a single ticket for the whole thing. Where ‘official’ rail company websites and apps won’t alert you of such potential deals, though, this marvellously monikered app will. Ticketyboo, indeed!

Available on iPhone

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