Some of the Best Apps to Use on a Trip to London


The world of marketing has seen unprecedented change with the introduction of mobile apps. Even those who are not too tech savvy can immensely benefit from the use of apps, which are user friendly and easy to use. One industry that has greatly benefitted from the introduction of mobile apps is the hospitality industry.

Through the use of hotel mobile apps like The Montcalm App it has made booking hotel accommodation convenient and easy. It also has helped to enhance customer service and overall improve the customer experience. Some other top apps which can be used when in and around London and travelling around the UK are:

National Rail: If you plan to use the extensive rail network in the country there is no better app than the National Rail app. It shows live updates along with the timings and other important information.

 Journey Pro: Although, there are scores of apps available for transport across the nation they could complicate planning an itinerary. That is where Journey Pro comes in handy being a free app that has everything needed to plan a trip successfully. It is especially useful for use on the London Underground, with the latest journey options along with its status centre showing the running status of trains.  It also informs users about which carriage to board to speed up the journey. Apart from offering maps and information about the national rail system, it also offers bus routes and options to travel swiftly between destinations. It is must have app when travelling in London or its surroundings.

Met Office: If you are in London then being updated about the latest weather forecast is a must! That is where this app can come in handy for all those who visit the UK. It gives you the latest updates about weather forecasts, along with maps and satellite images for 5 days. This can help you to plan your itinerary as per the weather conditions on any given day.

Around Me: If you urgently need to find the nearest hospital or ATM machine inthe city what do you do? Having AroundMe downloaded helps to locate your GPS location and assist in finding the nearest ATM, hospital, bar, bank, petrol station, restaurant, movie theatre and hotel etc.

Airbnb: The Airbnb app is a terrific way to find value for money accommodation all across the country. They offer great experiences while ensuring you do not spend a fortune on accommodation. There are also special offers and discounts for new users.

 Wifi-Finder: If you are looking for the nearest Wifi hotspot in London then this app is just what you need. Using a mobile network abroad can cost a small fortune and this free app will help you to tap into free Wi-Fi hotpots suing your smartphone. Once you plan to visit an area you can choose to bookmark the Wi-Fi hotspots you will be at and use them upon arrival. There are more than 10 K listed spots so getting one should not pose a problem. The flipside is you need to be connected to the internet to find the free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Tripadvisor Offline City Guides: If you want complete information and a comprehensive travel guide about a city this is the perfect app. Every app offers a plethora of information which includes tourist attractions, restaurants and other important information. You will also find self-guided city tours, which make it great when visiting a new place. It saves on costs of signing up for a paid guided tour while offering cultural and other information about the place. You could choose to visit places that fall within your budget and even use the app offline, which will help to cut down on international roaming costs.

Kabbee:  If you are on a trip London and need to use one of their minicab services this is the answer. They are definitely cheaper than the Black Cabs. As they cannot be hailed on the street, Kabbee is the perfect app that offers instant quotes from around 60 minicab firms in the city, with ratings and user reviews. Once you decide your pick you have the option to pay via their prepaid facility, credit card or even cash.

Hostelworld: Apart from hotels if you are on the lookout for alternate staying arrangements this app can come in as very useful. The Hostelworld app has thousands of listings to hostels, budget hotels and B&B’s etc.  It also has over three and half million reviews along with availability, photos and pricing. A very useful app to have for those looking to save on accommodation costs.

If you plan to visit Scotland on a trip to the UK here are 4 apps that are an absolute must to have:

Welcome to Scotland: Another comprehensive app is the ‘Welcome to Scotland’ app. It is loaded with a plethora of information which includes, things to do, restaurants, accommodation, events and special offers.

View from the Train: Another terrific way to explore Scotland is by train, which becomes all the more pleasurable when you download the ‘View from the Train’ app. It is perfect for tourists and visitors who can learn about the landmarks and scenery they pass by, from the comfort of their window seat on board the train.

Visit Scotland Days Out: One of the best apps to find a host of attractions to visit and activities to participate in entire Scotland. It has over two thousand places including places to drink and eat while you are on holiday in this beautiful land.

Museum Explorer: While in Scotland if you plan a trip to Edinburgh then it is recommended to pay a visit to the National Museum of Scotland in the city. While there ensure that you download their unique ‘Museum Explorer’ app. The app offers users a challenge to find 9 mysterious objects that are to be found within the place. A very interesting and informative way to explore the museum!

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