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The growth of the mobile phone has revolutionised the way business is done all across the world. Thanks to access to the Internet on smart phones and tablets, no longer do people have to wait to get to a laptop or computer to conduct online business transactions. Every industry has seen a rise in profitability besides gaining access to previously untapped markets, while being able to cater to their niche markets more effectively.

The hospitality industry in particular has benefited immensely with the introduction of online hotel reservation apps like the Montcalm Hotel booking app, which makes it easy for guests and travellers to select accommodation of their choice at the click of a few buttons.

Whether you are looking for a London Hotel Booking App or any other hotel booking app there are plenty of options to choose from.  While having a mobile responsive website is an absolute necessity, it certainly does pay for hotels to invest in the development of individual hotel apps that are an effective way to increase brand visibility online and offer a more customer centric experience for guests and travellers. There are numerous benefits which can be derived from having a well designed hotel app, which every top hotel must ensure to have to stay competitive in the industry.  Some of the advantages of having an effective hotel booking app for a hotel are:

One of the biggest benefits of a well designed hotel app is that offers gusts the convenience to check in and out of a hotel by themselves. The guest no longer needs to spend time at the reception desk, especially after a long and tiresome flight. They can arrive and check themselves in which will activate the door controls of their selected room through the app. They can head directly to their room and let themselves in without having to wait for a concierge or hotel staff member to assist them. While minimising interaction with hotel staff may not seem to be too appealing, it does make a big difference with the younger generation who are more comfortable with self-service, instead of having hotel employees fawning over them.

Upon entering the room the mobile app can be designed to connect with any number of hotel services, which will offer guests a single hub that can be used as per their convenience. Some of the features which the app could incorporate could include room service, food ordering menu, TV and movie services etc. This will enable the guest to settle down in comfort and place their order while comfortably watching television or a movie. An added advantage is that it minimises the risk of getting an order wrong over the phone, which ensures higher levels of customer satisfaction.

There are several other innovative features that hotels are tapping into to make the customer experience more seamless and enjoyable. Some apps utilise geo-location functions which enable the hotel staff at any point of time to know where the customer is (with the customer’s prior permission). This makes it extremely convenient for example a customer to place an order for a drink through the app. Upon receiving the order the hotel staff will immediately know where it is to be served.

While individually, every one of these features may seem basic, that fact is when they are combined they offer a bespoke customer service of the highest levels. At a time when most people would be more comfortable with losing their wallet rather than their mobile phone, it only makes sense to cater to mobile using clientele. With the mobile phone having become an intensely personal medium of communication the more the interaction of a hotel through it, the more customers feel that they are getting the best personalised service. It definitely raises the bar of customer satisfaction to a whole new level!

What makes a hotel app indispensable?

There is fair bit of debate about whether a well developed mobile website is better than having to invest in a hotel app. After all with the latest developments through the use of multimedia, mobile websites have a lot to offer prospective clients! Is there really a need to develop a dedicated app for a hotel?

While having a top notch website works very effectively for certain business verticals, it does not apply for the hospitality industry. There are several features that an app can offer which are not possible to gain access to through a well developed mobile websites on a smart phone. One of the best examples is the geo-location feature. To provide the best personalised service for a customer while they are on the move through the hotel, it is only possible through the use of a hotel app.

Another advantage of using an app is that it can send notifications to customers. Whether the hotel wants to offer promotional discounts or the lowest rates on hotel rooms, or even make an announcement of some special event using an app is the most effective way to keep the customer updated. Through the use of notifications via apps customers are instantly made aware of the latest deals, events and offers, which make it more feasible for them to opt for any of these that might interest them.

It has also been seen that most customers tend to trust mobile apps more than mobile websites. In a study conducted it was seen that close to 85% of mobile users would choose to use apps over websites. Of course that means that greater effort needs to be made to make the app more functional, user friendly and secure to use. There is no better way to gain customer attention than by having an optimally designed hotel app.

The future belongs to mobile apps and they are more of a necessity than an option. Through the use of technology it has become possible to offer customers a far more customised and satisfying hotel experience, while also making it possible to increase hotel profitability in different areas.

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