Helping hand: 6 classy apps for savvy travellers to London

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Visiting London soon – and planning to really spoil yourself while you’re here? Well, in that case, you’ll want to download these six applications to your smartphone. Why? Because they’ll make sure you enjoy yourself here as much as possible, find the very best place to stay, discover terrific tidbits of info about the city’s history and, of course, save you money…

TimeOut London

What’s better than the essential weekly magazine for all-things ‘going out’ in London? Why, the thing in app form, of course! Terrific for helping you get the best out of all the city has to offer, its extremely useful features include the top things to do each week, as well as café, restaurant and special event picks – and, of course, special offers and oh-so-easy-to-make booking opportunities.

Regent Street

If you’re looking to do any shopping during your time in London (and, frankly, who wouldn’t be?), this is the app for you. Dedicated, as you’d expect, to everything to be found on the street which shares its name, it offers the low-down on all of the thoroughfare’s high-street outlets, boutiques, restaurants, bars and more. Moreover, by alerting the thing of your likes and dislikes, it’ll be able to alert you of new and emerging brands and promotions as they pop up in Regent Street’s shops. Nice one!

The Montcalm App

So, you’re coming to London and fancy staying somewhere salubrious in the centre of the city. But where? And how to book the place at, well, pretty much the last minute? No question, downloading this luxury hotel app will be a great starting point! Not only does it offer you imagery, information of rooms and amenities of the Montcalm group’s flagship hotel, but also does so for every other one of its properties dotted throughout London. And, best of all, it enables you to book a room there and then – and take advantage of the latest deals and promotions. Excellent!


If you’re also in the mood for a night at the West End theatre (and why ever not?), but realise it requires an eleventh-hour booking, then fear not because this is the app to save your bacon. And your wallet. Once downloaded, it finds for you some truly terrific discounted ticket prices – up to 65% off in some instances! – as well as recommending the most popular and hottest shows blessing ‘Theatreland’.

Addison Lee

Sure, the black taxi cab may be the classic way to get about town in London and, of course, there’s the cheaper alternatives too that are the tremendous Tube and the Uber car service, but for sheer quality you can’t beat Addison Lee. Their fleet of vehicles are the ones that the best of London businesses rely on to ferry their peeps about between meetings, so you can be assured of their reliability and customer service. Via this app and a mere couple of taps on your phone’s keypad, you can hail one of their taxis to your location and choose between one of four different payment methods.

Museum of London: Street Museum

Finally, wouldn’t it be great if, when strolling about London, you could instantly know about the (possibly) centuries-old history of the little patch of the city where you’re presently standing? Well, thanks to this ingenious little app, you verily can. All you have to do is activate your phone’s camera, view the nearest major site, building or attraction through the camera’s viewfinder and an image of that locale will appear from times past so you can compare and contrast how it looks now with how it looked then. You can also receive fascinating historical facts and info on the area too!

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