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With the increase in the use of digital technology it is probably no surprise that there are travel apps popping up left, right and centre.  A large majority of travellers now use their smart phones or devices to search for travel options, accommodation, package holiday deals and more and many even book direct through their phones as well.  But how can you find the best apps to use for your next trip?  Short of downloading a whole load and wading your way through them testing them out individually, you might feel overwhelmed with which apps will actually be of use to you and which will not.  We have done the legwork and gathered together some of our suggestions for useful apps for the savvy traveller:-

City Maps 2Go

This is one of the few apps which allows you to download a complete set of maps to your phone rather than just storing them in the memory.  There are over 7,000 maps worldwide on the app available for download and best of all, you can even contact the people who own the app if there is a map you need which is not yet featured and they will do their best to produce one for you.  The maps are simple enough to follow and often contain Points of Interest with details of name, description and location if you click onto the POI you are interested in learning more about.  These are not vast although updates are constantly being made to the maps available but well worth having a look at if you are new to an area.  It is possible to ‘mark’ certain locations on the downloaded maps such as your hotel so that you always know where you are in relation to your accommodation and the maps are high resolution without taking up much of your phone’s storage which is always a bonus in this day and age.  There are also additional ‘in-app’ purchases which can be made to provide you with more detailed information about the points of interest around your location.

JetPac City Guides

 This is an app which was created off the back of the popular social media network Instagram and it uses photos posted on Instagram to determine the hotspots in a city.  The creators formulated an algorithm which reads each individual photo and then determines it’s value based on a whole number of factors from the amount of blue sky to the number of interactions a photo has received.  Although it couldn’t claim to be an exact science it is certainly an interesting concept; if lots of people are posting about the same hotels then it stands to reason that they are doing so because said hotel is a good place to be.  Another unique selling point the app offers is that it has actually analysed the size of people’s smiles in photographs and has used this to determine the happiest places to be; it’s highly debatable how accurate this is but it’s certainly an interesting way of looking at travelling.

The Montcalm App

The Montcalm luxury hotel app is the ideal choice for fans of the Montcalm hotel brand who want to know where their nearest Montcalm hotel or restaurant is and want to book with simplicity and ease.  The truth of the matter is that the majority of us want to be able to book our next trip with the swipe of a button and this new app allows guests to do just that.  It also hosts a gallery of images so you can see exactly what to expect on arrival, and begin planning your luxury break long before you arrive.

 Around Me

This is a great little app which uses GPS to determine your location and then allows you to search for specific Points of Interest around you; exactly as the name suggests.  The various Points of Interest which are included are the likes of banks, petrol stations, restaurants and coffee shops and even hotels if you have arrived somewhere without accommodation.  Finding your nearest POI will then allow you to look online in more detail or to book direct with one of the luxury hotel apps, for example.  Around Me is one of the most used apps by travellers and is available in a range of languages including English, French, Spanish and Japanese.


This app has been designed in order to help minimise one of the most stressful aspects of travelling; knowing what to pack.  You input information about the destination of your trip, how long you are travelling for and what reason you are travelling.  Packpoint then customises your packing list based on these factors.  It isn’t a revolutionary app; if you are travelling somewhere cold it will suggest you take a winter coat, for example, but what it does do is take the headache out of having to think of and remember all the minute details.  It also suggests things such as taking business cards if you are travelling for work; a simple reminder but one which we all too easily miss off in the chaos of trying to remember to pack the right kind of work clothes.  You can also add further customisations by inputting the type of activities you are planning to do whilst away as well such as swimming or skiing.  This app is quite simple but is really very effective and for anyone who loves travelling but dislikes the build up and list making associated with it, then this is definitely a useful app to have downloaded and primed on your mobile phone.  Better yet it’s entirely free making it even more of a bonus little travelling find.

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