How To Book A Hotel Using An App

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With advances in mobile technology you can now use your mobile phone or tablet to book almost every single element of your next trip to London.  Whether that’s flights, trains or a hire car, accommodation or tickets for popular attractions, there is no reason why you should have to sit down at a PC Computer or laptop in order to plan out the ideal trip to the city.  Better yet is that many of the best hotels and attractions have developed phone applications which are incredibly user-friendly and ideal if you want to have all the information you need to hand immediately.

But is it worth downloading these apps onto your phone?  You might be incredibly confident using your smart phone and happy to download and delete apps on a regular basis but there are plenty of us who aren’t that sure about the validity and usefulness of luxury hotels apps and the like.  For that reason we have put together a handy guide, not only outlining why you should take the time to try out an app or two as you plan your next trip to London but to help guide you on the basic ways to use the apps.  Of course, each app will be slightly different but you shouldn’t find them so different as to be unusable without a manual!

Which app do I need?

This depends entirely on which of the many hotels in Central London you want to book.  Many of the best hotels have their own dedicated apps which will allow you to choose which hotel you want to book, review the facilities available and see gallery images of what the hotel itself looks like as well as completing your booking.  There are also generalised apps which are run by third parties and offer an overview of many hotels in the area.  You might find it worthwhile to download a few different ones and compare the prices and offers available; you can always delete any surplus apps once you have reached your final decision.  Whilst third party apps can be helpful, it is always better to check with a hotel directly too once you have a rough idea of prices as you never know what special offers they might be running which can only be accessed by booking direct with the hotel themselves.

How do I use it?

Many of the apps will operate in a similar fashion, in that once you have downloaded the app onto your phone, you can input the dates you wish to stay before being taken to a page which specifies the room types available and the cost to you.  You can select the one you want before confirming and sending payment.  The apps work much the same way as a normal webpage does; they have just been modified for easier use on a smaller screen.  You may have to set up an account in order to complete your booking and we would recommend doing this so that you can easily access your booking through the app once completed.  This will save you having to print out any confirmation emails you receive and when you arrive at your hotel you can just show them the booking on your phone.

Any other benefits?

Of course there has to be more to using an app than just being able to book with ease and this is certainly the case with the higher quality ones.  Not only can you discover what the hotel itself will look like and secure your room but you can also see what attractions and Points of Interest lie in the nearby vicinity which will prove useful for planning the remainder of your trip but you can also book additional elements either ahead of time or whilst you are already at the hotel.  This might include a spa treatment if your chosen hotel offers these, an afternoon tea package or even just having a newspaper delivered to your room in the morning.  If you were to find yourself lost or disorientated whilst out exploring you will also have the exact location of your hotel to hand which could then be passed directly onto a taxi driver or input into a map facility on your phone which would then allow you to follow a GPS determined route from your current location back to your accommodation.  Often hotels run reward programmes, the information for which will also be stored on your phone so you can watch your reward points accrue if you are a frequent traveller or use them towards the cost of your next hotel room with just a few simple clicks of a button.

Using an app to book your hotel can give you total peace of mind; gone are the days when you used to have to worry about printing out confirmations and remembering to bring them with you, they are stored on your phone and can easily be accessed with the swipe or click of a button.  You can see exactly what the hotel is offering and plan your trip accordingly and you can even book your hotel without having to go to the trouble of booting up your computer and accessing the internet; it’s all there at the end of your fingertips meaning that booking a hotel has really never been more straightforward.  And one of the truly great things about downloading an app onto your phone is that if, at the end of the day you decide that using an app to book your hotel really isn’t for you, then all you have to do is click and delete and the app is completely gone from your life!

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