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London is a city which requires a certain amount of planning. The hustle and bustle means that knowing where you’re going and how you’re getting there is important for a successful trip. That’s why we’ve created the Montcalm Hotel App, an app which allows you to book your hotels in advance through our online service and make the most of our discounts, amenities and special offers. That’s why apps are so important when staying in an expensive city such as London; they open up a new world to you alongside many new offers adding a never before seen dimension to city life. So what are the must have apps for London life and what do they do?


Wherever you’re going, city mapper will map it out for you. The great thing about city mapper is that in almost no time at all, it will calculate your journey, what transport, whether car, or public you can take and whether it’s walkable. You can choose the time you want to leave so as to correlate your leaving time with transport timetables and can even find the best cycle routes for your journey! With so many options, not having citymapper in London will be detrimental to your stay, especially with so many complicated transport options.


Uber is one of the best value and quickest taxi service options in the world. With a simple click from your phone, you can order an Uber taxi from a professional driver and can track your taxi as it’s on its way. Perfect for the busy urbanite who doesn’t have a moment to spare, Uber will allow you to see exactly when your taxi is about to arrive without the awkwardness of scouring for change in your purse or wallet.


Drinkis is the perfect urban bar app, allowing you to find bars in your local area which use drinkis to promote deals and discounts on drinks. This is a win-win situation; the bars in the app get publicity and potential regular customers whilst the customers themselves get cheaper drinks. With apps like this spreading across the globe to many drink and food retailers you can be sure to see discount drink apps scattered across your app store.

Montcalm Hotel Booking App

Looking for that quick last minute hotel booking? Then look no further than the Montcalm Hotel Book App. For the best in luxury boutique accommodation, the Montcalm Hotel app will allow you to make the most of hotel room details, amend your bookings and book room service and spa treatments. With information on rooms, amenities and food options, you can’t miss this simple and functional hotel app.


Deliveroo is the go to app for quick takeaways in the city. Not only does the app let you eat from your favourite restaurants from the comfort of your own home, it creates employment for delivery drivers. With easy to order and pick meals from the Deliveroo app, you can have your food delivered to you within the hour.

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