Direct connection: contacting your hotel like before via The Montcalm App


Wouldn’t it be great if you could contact an individual staff member at the accommodation where you’re staying directly from your smartphone, enabling you to have a live chat conversation about services and any requests you might have?

Well, if you’ve chosen to book and stay in a room or suite at one of the Montcalm Group of luxury hotels in the heart of London, you can now do exactly this thanks to the fabulous functionality of its app, which is available completely free from the iOS and Google App stores.

Spread throughout Central London – from Marble Arch to Shoreditch – the Montcalm hotels are the first name in high-quality accommodation, blending old-fashioned elegance and respectful service with contemporary comfort and state-of-the-art features to ensure your stay will be the most luxurious, relaxing and satisfying you’ll have ever experienced away from home.

Personal touch

And, don’t doubt it, the ability to communicate with the Montcalm staff via your handheld device – either mobile or tablet – is just one of the modern touches that help ensure this is the case. It means that you don’t have to make your way to reception or ring down on your room’s internal phone to talk to a human being and receive top-quality service and whatever you desire.

Indeed, with the world at your fingertips – literally, thanks to the extraordinary handheld devices of today’s digitally switched-on world – why shouldn’t you be able to swiftly and oh-so easily contact anyone via your phone? And, of course, wherever you may be – in the hotel itself or out and about in the city during your visit – you can use the Montcalm hotel app’s live call function. It’s a personal touch from us to match your personalised connectivity to the world at large.

Unrivalled convenience

Without a doubt then, the Montcalm App’s all about delivering more convenience during your entire customer journey with the Montcalm family of hotels. And it’s far from just about during your stay with us. The industry-high service the app enhances starts even before you book a room – in fact, it begins with your search for a beautifully appointed hotel room in the UK capital. That’s because for those seeking somewhere that will spoil them rotten for their short-break in London, it’s undeniably in their interest to download The Montcalm App.

Because not only does the app, once downloaded, enable you to make a reservation from wherever you may be in the world and whatever the time of day, it also showcases – via photos and descriptions – the rooms, restaurants, bars, spas and the latest outstanding packages and deals that are on offer at each and every Montcalm property. In short, it gives you an unparalleled taste of the suites, amenities, service and atmosphere at all of our hotels, so you have all the information you need to decide whether you might want to stay with us – and then be able to book a room directly and instantly.

In other words, the Montcalm App is a full-service solution that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

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