6 Reasons To Use Your Smart Phone Whilst Travelling

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These days travelling features as a much more regular part of our lives; it is almost accepted that at least once a year, if not more, we will engage in some form of travel whether that is for business reasons or for personal ones.  Alongside this we have also seen a huge increase in the number of people sharing about journeys taken, through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram we can travel along with family, friends and even acquaintances and this is a trend which shows no signs of slowing down and of course, having access to a smart phone plays a huge part in this.  Not many of us are without our phones any more and it is certainly something which the majority of us would choose to take along on our trips anyway.  But are you making the most of having your smart phone along for the journey?

Here are 6 great reasons why you should use your smart phone when travelling:-

Peace of Mind

With the increase in the use of mobile technology, many hotels and other Points of Interest are choosing to develop and implement the use of mobile applications.  This can not only assist when you are booking tickets or accommodation but can also offer peace of mind; use of a hotel app could allow you to see exactly where you will be staying, you don’t need to worry about losing printed out confirmation slips as everything is digitised and you have all the relevant information to hand on arrival.  You can even book flights on mobile apps now and use scanners at the airport rather than having to pick up or print out tickets.  It means that as long as you have your smart phone with you, you will always have access to booking confirmations and tickets.

Great Quality Photos

The majority of smart phones now have high quality cameras installed and this means that you can capture some stunning images without having to worry about carrying a whole load of heavy camera equipment around with you.  Even the invention of the selfie stick has provided a small, lightweight and convenient way to take photographs with you in them without the need for a hefty tripod or a helpful passer-by.  You will even find that the resolution of the pictures themselves are pretty good once you return home, if you wanted to print them out and blow them up for example.  Many smart phones offer different filters which can be applied as well for added enhancement which you might find useful if you want to share you photos as you travel with people back home.

Quick Access to Information

Whether you need to find out your exact location in regards to the Montcalm hotel you have booked or you want to look at day excursions from your chosen destination, having access to your smart phone means that you have access to a whole wealth of information, right at your fingertips.  The majority of good hotels offer free access to wireless internet too so you shouldn’t find yourself faced with ridiculous roaming fees if you are travelling internationally either.  There are various apps which can be useful when travelling from apps which provide you with a list of items to pack to GPS maps featuring Points of Interest and all sorts in between.  When people claim ‘there’s an app for everything’ it really does ring true.

Sharing Your Journey

If you want to be able to share pieces of your journey as you go along then having your smart phone with you is the perfect way to do this.  You might want to showcase your superior room in one of the Montcalm Luxury hotels or share the stunning sunset image you captured whilst out one evening; whatever the reason for wanting to share, having access to your smart phone means immediate access to the social network platforms from which to broadcast your beautiful travelling photos with just one click.  Being able to share your travelling journey is one of the elements which makes travel so fun; there are numerous hashtags which are used and which allow other travellers to connect to form a community filled with inspirational shots and injections of wanderlust.  You could be a part of that by using your phone to share your captures and if you’ve used your phone to take the photographs in the first place then uploading them could really not be easier; all the apps are free to download and install and are very user-friendly for those who aren’t already familiar with them.

Mobile Entertainment

If you have a long connecting flight or a delayed train, or you simply head back to your hotel and have a few hours to kill then you can use your phone to keep yourself entertained.  You could watch a film or listen to music, read a book or simply flick through the photographs and videos you have taken that day.  You might want to download any movies ahead of time to save on data charges but once they are on your phone you are free to watch them whenever you have a slot of time to fill.

Travelling Light

If you are taking advantage of the many cheap flights which are available and you don’t want to pay for hold luggage then leaving your larger camera equipment at home is a must and having a good smart phone will allow you to do that.  Great quality photos and videos can be captured using your phone meaning you can travel lighter and easier during your trip.  You won’t be compromising on quality either in the resolution of the picture or in terms of sound either if you wanted to film parts of your video.  You can even download editing apps so you can leave your laptop at home if you want to edit on the go too.

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