You can’t live without these travel apps in London

Montcalm App

Apps have revolutionised the world, generating millions for app developers in the process, and creating a whole new market sector. With the apps you’re about to discover, you can make your stay in London truly exceptional. Of course, the comfort and fun you experience in London is predicated on far more than the apps you use. But it’s fair to say, that apps can legitimately improve your experience by making your experience in the city more comfortable.

You can for instance use apps to reserve a hotel room, find secret attractions, discover special restaurants, and find events. In a sense, while you don’t necessarily want to be glued to your phone, spending twenty minutes on your smartphone each day of your visit can make you far more grounded. It can give you the perspective you need to make the most out of your stay.

Tips on using your phone abroad

GSM and CDMA are the two main international cellular frequencies you need to be cognisant of, and if your phone is only on CDMA for instance, then the GSM networks won’t work on your device. Most sim cards in countries are GSM. So making sure if your device is compatible with international sim cards in advance is a must. Once you’re connected to Wi-Fi, download a map of your local area, making it easy to navigate the city even when you have no data connection.

Google Maps

The iconic Google Maps are built to make travelling in and around the city easier than ever. With just an input of a particular destination or attraction, you can find the exact specific directions you need, along with a great, accurate time estimate.

Timeout App

With the Timeout App, you can discover a range of events in and around the city that take your fancy. As described officially by Timeout “it puts everything that’s great about the capital in one place, with information on gigs, events, bars, restaurants, club nights, film releases and much more.


Uber makes it wonderfully convenient to get to wherever you want to go in the city at a moment’s notice. It gives you the opportunity to find whatever it is you need, with the convenience of knowing that you’ll get there as quickly as possible. With options that include UberPool, and UberXL, you can pick the perfect service for you. UberPool means you’ll potentially share your car journey with someone else, and have a discounted rate. Uber X means you’ll have complete privacy. UberXl means you’ll have a far larger car, which is ideal when you have a lot of luggage.

Luxury hotel apps

Luxury hotel apps make it easy for you to experience the city at its best. They allow you to discover a hotel before going ahead and making your reservation. One such example of an app is the Montcalm app, which gives users the ability to amend their booking, update their details, and request drinks and services right from the comfort of their phone.


In summary, make sure you use these apps to your advantage during your stay. Not only will they make your experience in the city more pleasant, but they’ll also mean that you can experience the city at its best. While holidays are nearly always fantastic, delays, getting lost, and other trivial inconveniences can make even the best destinations nightmarish. But with these apps, you’ll potentially avoid the trap of experiencing a stay in London that doesn’t reach its full potential. Book your stay in London to learn more.

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