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With all manner of businesses investing in the wonderful world of apps, it’s not surprising to see their popularity increase in a wide variety of different markets. With apps such as the Montcalm Hotel app leading the way in Luxury Hotel Apps, it’s no wonder that so many different markets are scrambling for the next best app design and app designers. The fact that so many people are downloading more and more and finding them so useful just goes to show how great an investment they can potentially be for a business. So what exactly is it about apps which make them so popular for the masses?


Sometimes it just makes practical sense to use an app. If you’re trying to find directions when lost in the city, you no longer have to ask a stranger whose judgement you may not be able to trust, instead opting for a quick look on google maps or city mapper. With apps like these, you can find your exact location and the easiest route with which to reach your destination. These can include up to date trains, buses and walking times. On top of this, if you’re looking to take that perfect snap, smart phones have evolved to possess just as great cameras as their analogue camera predecessors, and to edit requires far less dark room work and merely a swipe of a touch screen.


Sometimes if you want something done, you need to do it yourself. Or at least get a delivery driver to bring it to you. With so many apps now available for measuring, calculating and even for how well you’ve slept, apps seem to be improving people’s lives. With apps, you can now keep your exercise regime on track, find the perfect soundtrack to your day and even book your hotels last minute with apps like the Montcalm Hotel App. Metaphorically cutting the fat out of your day (literally if you’re on a diet) will help you focus on the things you want to do. Nowadays apps can organise and run our lives faster and more efficiently than we can, with devices such as Alexa from Amazon and Siri for the iPhone acting as our personal assistants we are running faster than ever.

Suite a busy modern lifestyle

The modern urban lifestyle in cities like London requires several things to function and push forward. It requires pace, organisation and curiosity, three things which will keep you learning and progressing as a human being whilst also keeping on top of your hectic work schedule. That’s the problem with London, living here there is always so much to do and so little time. To remedy this, apps can now give you everything from information on particular pieces of street art to the best coffee at a hidden gem café. With so little time on our hands, the best way to learn more about the world and increase our understanding of it is to use apps. Apps also help the modern person find a quick meal, calculate a sum for work and can general keep you in a state of wellbeing.

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