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Once you’ve downloaded the best London Hotel booking app out there, you’ll want to check into your London hotel and explore the city. With so many iconic monuments and a plethora of London districts with their own unique and vibrant atmospheres, you’ll want to remember every moment of it. With so many different apps out there which help you to record your memories into the iCloud, your own phone and into your own memory, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re the next Martin Scorsese or a novice documentarian, there’s always a new app out there which can help you record your London trip.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create and store your videos, look no further than Power Director. Power Director lets you create show stopping videos which also giving you options to edit, add effects and export to HD video directly to social media platforms. This means that you’re clean, crisp videos will be seen by the masses. Your glossy effects will be visible with just a swipe from this high powered and professional app. This app also contains over 40 different effects and transitions which will help you to bring your tourist videos to the next level.

Filmic pro

The great thing about Filmic Pro is that it’s easy to use for both professionals and beginners. What this essentially means is flexibility for the user. There are three different filming modes which are fitted to suit different recording styles. If you’re looking for more control over focus, the manual control sliders will definitely come in useful. In the busy streets of London where your cameras focus can be so easily pulled, having this manual slider will make sure that the stray Pidgeon in shot won’t become the focus of that perfect shot in Trafalgar Square.

Boomerang from Instagram

Instagram’s Boomerang add on is a fun way to take photos with a twist. Boomerang lets you take photos and films which are played on a loop, backwards and forwards. This means that you can take fun videos of your loved ones with a quirky twist, having them move backwards and forwards whilst showcasing your fun side on holiday. Whether it’s a boat trip on the river, a flock of birds in Waterloo or a sunset on Primrose Hill, your vide will definitely stick in the mind with this fun and charming app add on.

VHS Camcorder

For that nostalgic vintage feel form your holiday videos, the VHS camcorder app will let you take videos which will feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine in the 80s. The app will give you a throwback to the last century whilst also allowing you to add a fun twist to your video recordings. With a more tongue in cheek attitude than the other video apps out there, you can make sure that your holiday is remembered by all. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone, you’ll definitely find the VHS Camcorder a great way to record your holiday.

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