Top Essential Apps you need when you visit London

London apps

Apps have transformed the way we live and work, allowing us to communicate through the internet in a moment’s notice. And they also mean that we’re more informed than we ever have been. Because it’s so huge, London isn’t necessarily the easiest place to discover. Naturally, you can benefit from some essential apps during your visit, so that you can make your experience in the city as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The London Official City Guide App

The London Official City Guide App is our first recommended application for you to use during your time in London. It makes it things convenient for you; allowing you to take full advantage of your stay in the city, with its features including offline maps, restaurant and bar recommendations, and traffic information. Meaning you’ll know exactly when to avoid getting cabs and else. Interestingly, both Google Maps and City Mapper also provide this function to users.

London Timeout App

With the London Timeout App, you can take advantage of the series of apps in this city and make your stay truly memorable, allowing you to experience the city at its best. Not only that, but you can also gain free access to many attractions across the city.


The Uber app now means that you can get to wherever you want to go, without having to rely on public transport. While the London Underground has its perks, there are occasions where you can benefit from going directly to somewhere you want to go, particularly during peak times.

Make sure you have mobile internet before you go ahead and visit this city, it’ll make your stay in the city infinitely easier to enjoy that’s for sure. Call your mobile operator to find out if they have a suitable roaming plan. Interestingly, the 3 network gives its customers free data across more than ten European destinations.

Heathrow Express App

If you’re arriving at Heathrow airport for your stay in the city, then use the Heathrow Express app before you arrive to identify which trains to take for your arrival into Paddington. The app will also thankfully remind you if there are any minor delays worth worrying about.

Yplan App

Other than that, there’s the Yplan app, which allows you to organise your night at a very short notice, giving you the chance to involve yourself in any crazy night events taking place around you. Whether you use an Apple iPhone or an Android phone doesn’t matter – you can find these apps on both platforms.

London’s Best Coffee App

London’s best coffee is another app that gives you the lowdown on the best coffee houses in the city. London is teeming with a profusion of big brand coffee shops such as Starbucks and Costa, but if you’re after those independent coffee houses and stalls that everyone raves about, then this is the app for you. It’s the perfect way for you to explore the many secret coffee houses of London and enrich yourself in the fabulous culture of the city.

The Hype App

The Hype App lets you discover some of the trendiest places across the city. As it’s officially described, it allows you to “forget tasteless reviews, poor pictures and anxiety from information overload. It allows you to explore new places and events in a fun, visual and fast way.”

The London Official Events Guide

The London Official Events Guide is a great tool for you to plan your itinerary before you arrive in London, allowing you to provide reviews on restaurants, bars and cafes.

Make sure you have all these apps installed on your phone before your arrival!

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