Tips to Stay in Luxury Without Breaking the Bank

Hotel deals in London

Going on a holiday is something which everyone enjoys and to top it off staying in a luxury hotel in the ultimate experience! While this was earlier considered to be the sole preserve of the wealthy it no longer holds true. With an increase in competition even luxury hotels have started to offer special deals and discounts at certain parts of the year. Then there are online websites that offer special luxury packages for group travel among other options.

For those who want to live it up in style without having to spend a small fortune there are ample luxury hotel deals in London. A few other tips that could come in handy in securing the best luxury hotel deals are:

Use coupon books: While on a trip it is always a good idea to get coupon books which are available at convenience stores and rest stops. While they may not seem to be much initially, the fact is many of these offer better discounts than what is offered by many large chain websites. They could help you save considerably while shopping or staying at any of the affiliate partners.

Consider travel without a reservation: While this definitely is not a good idea during peak season it will help you to strike some terrific deals at hotels that have plenty of rooms that are unoccupied. The benefit is you can check out the room in person before you sign up. There are also several apps that offer last minute deals for travellers.

Confirm what others pay: There are websites like that allow users to check and compare what fellow travellers have paid at online booking sites. These may also help to identify hotels that offer the best prices.

Get in touch with local tourist offices: One of the benefits of travel in Europe is that there are tourist offices that help travellers to find same day accommodation. Many of these offices get a list of available accommodation from local hotels that they want to rent for the night. They could help you to find a terrific deal in a swanky hotel.

Go slow on advance payments: If you plan to make reservations that need a certain sum deposited in advance you need to ensure that you read all the terms and conditions aka fine print. Also enquire how much wouldyou lose if you decide to cancel and opt for a refund.

Scan daily deal sites: There are a number of websites that offer daily deals for hotel and travel bookings so keep an eye for the best deal-of-the-day offers available regularly. You need to be swift and act on time to get the best deal.

Look for a package: If your travel involves just a single destination, keep an eye out for a package deal, which would be inclusive of airfare, hotel and car rental charges. These might prove to be a real money saver versus having to book each one of these individually.

Make the most of rewards points: There are a number of credit cards which offer a signing up bonus, which could earn you a few nights stay pat a luxury hotel. Apart from that you will accrue points each time you use the card for payments. Using credit card points to stay at a luxury hotel is a very effective way to save considerably on hotel costs.

Travel in off season: One of the best ways to strike the best deals is in the tourist off season at a destination. Hotels will be keen to make up for the shortfall of visitors and will be willing to slash room rates considerably to ensure maximum occupancy. So make the most of it and try to plan your travel in the off-season. Being flexible with your travel dates will help you to save considerably on a variety of costs ranging from airfare to hotels. Also try to avoid travelling on the weekends which generally are more expensive, although this may not always be the case with hotels that cater mainly to business travellers.

Check different travel sites: While checking prices at poular travel sites like Hotwire or Expedia is always a good idea. Once you find a good deal you could compare it with a hotel’s website to ensure the hotel is not offering a lower price at its site. Sometimes hotels reserve the lowest prices for guests who use the hotel website to make reservations. Also check travel sites for any special coupon codes or special deals that might be on offer at the time of your travel.

Mention any special occasion:  If your travel is for a special occasion maybe like an anniversary, graduation, a birthday or honeymoon you could mention the same before booking (in the course of conversation) to the booking agent or front desk. Enquire as how they could make it a more memorable trip maybe with something complementary etc. Also if you are travelling with a group for the occasion ask for their best discounted rate.

Sign up with a loyalty program: One of the best ways to secure the best discounts is to become a member of a hotel loyalty program. It will help you secure the lowest rates both with the hotel as well as affiliate partners, besides getting free upgrades among a host of other benefits. This would be all the more beneficial if you have to travel frequently for business. Another fact to keep in mind is that most hotel loyalty programs will not offer you reward points if you book through a third party website.

Check to see if other membership discounts are applicable: Check with the hotel if you are a member of other clubs and programs if they are valid with the hotel. You never know which of your other memberships could be a partner or affiliate of the hotel you plan to stay at.

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