The Top 5 London Travel Apps

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Once upon a time, all you would require was a guidebook, a passport and a purse filled to the brim with local currency in order to enjoy a well-deserved break away. However, times have changed and smartphones have significantly altered the way in which we perceive the modern world. Today you can find an impressive assortment of apps in order to ensure that your travels are a walk in the park.

If you are intending to visit London then it’s an important time in which to get to grips with the latest apps on your smartphone, and they could even make you seem like a leading authority on just about anything which goes on in the capital. You can get the latest information on flight times or find out about the sounds and sights of the city, often for completely free.

And, should you happen to lose your way and find yourself at the hands of devious taxi drivers then there are apps in order to ensure you can safely navigate your way home. So, why not make your smartphone even easier to navigate with some of these helpful apps?

1. AroundME

The AroundME app detects your location and then directs you straight to the nearest bar, bank, petrol station, hospital, cinema, supermarket, hotel or theatre. It is the ideal app to download if you want to know where some of the most popular restaurants, pubs and places of interest are. And, the app is free of charge if you own an Android handset or iPhone.

2. Museums Mobile

Museums Mobile is an absolute must for culture vultures. All you have to do is switch on your GPS and this app will automatically lead you to all the local exhibitions, cultural events and museums situated nearby. It also gives you free access to museums, along with general information regarding all the goings-on in the city.

And, due to the fact that many tourists venture to the capital in order to visit the world-famous West End then the app will come in extremely handy. It is free to download on Android devices, but is not yet available on iPhones.

3. FlightTrack

The FlightTrack app is nifty, easy to navigate and enables you to follow some of the flight paths of international flights. You will get at-a-glance information on cancellations, delays and airport departure gates for more than 3,000 airports around the world, which is very handy if you are running a little late for a flight or on your way to pick up friends and family.

It will also save time hanging around the airport for hours, aimlessly searching for something to do. If there are any disruptions to a journey then you will be informed immediately so you can make alternative arrangements if needs be.

4. Skyscanner

This particular app has won a multitude of awards-and for good reason. It searches over one million routes and more than 1,000 airlines in order to find the cheapest and most convenient flight available. So, whether you are looking for budget flights or first class travel it enables you to book directly, with no handling fees.

Many places charge for extra add-ons, so you could end up spending more cash than you initially intended. Sometimes, rates can apply on a ‘per person’ basis, which makes things even more costly. Hence why the Skyscanner app is so popular. If you can make substantial savings then this will appeal to travellers looking for the best deal on the market. The app is free both on iPhone and Android devices.

5. Tube Exits

If the idea of navigating the complicated underground is a little confusing and daunting then Tube Exits will make your trip across the capital a great deal easier to handle. It furnishes you with all the latest tube line status updates and information, and even tells you which carriage to board in order to ensure that you arrive adjacent to the platform you need, whether you are leaving a station or making a connection. So you do not have to wait in endless queues as you will arrive at your chosen destination in the quickest time possible.

There are a number of other apps which have proved to be a real hit amongst both first-time visitors and seasoned locals. Beanhunter will help you find the perfect coffee shop if you are gasping for a brew, whilst Craft Beer London can track down the nearest watering hole for some much needed refreshment. The London Events Guide app gives you a detailed guide to what’s on in the city as regards exhibitions, museums, theatres and galleries.

For the very best hotel deals in London, then look no further than the Montcalm App. Booking your stay in London has never been easier, or more convenient, with this app to hand. It allows you to browse all of the Montcalm Hotels, view photos, amenities and maps, and make a reservation from anywhere, regardless of location. You can also contact the hotels directly, and edit, view or even cancel a reservation.

The Montcalm App will also help you to plan how you are going to spend the duration of your time in the capital. As well as figuring out the best hotel deals in London, there are extensive lists of the hotels’ many restaurants and hostelries, which cater for all tastes and preferences. From upmarket, high-end eateries to relaxed bistros and elegant cocktail bars, there is something for everyone.

Download the app free of charge and make your stay in London extra special and memorable. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices and is the essential travel companion.

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