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The sheer speed and growth of the internet has given a massive boost in the website design industry; more and more businesses throughout the world are requiring an online presence to improve their sales and profit margins. Whether it is a corporate, self-employed or retail business; an online image is essential to success to put businesses on the e-commerce map. Web designers are in demand more and more to help businesses to give the very best first impression by integrating important visuals such as eye-popping colours; informative but brief captions and headings, multimedia banners and advertisements, simple navigation around the site and quick downloading speeds. If you are thinking about taking your business to the next level, take a look at these businesses who have go their websites and apps spot on, allowing them to really push their business into the 21st century.

Google Translate

For travellers, Google Translate has been a godsend for years and now it is available in app form, all travellers rejoice! Unlike the site, the app allows things to be translated instantaneously so you can translate something that is being said to you in seconds which really lifts the language barrier. Another fantastic quality of the app is being able to translate writing simply by pointing your camera at it; whether it is a menu, the paper or a sign, simply by accessing your camera through the app turns your mobile into a walking translator, so handy and it really removes the danger of getting lost or accidentally ordering the wrong thing on a menu.

The Montcalm App

The Montcalm hotels may only be in London but they have a worldwide reputation for elegance and comfort. The chain of luxury hotel in London is one of the best in the city and, by simply looking at their website, you can instantly see the decadence that the hotels emanates. With the success of their website, Montcalm have now released an app that shows you everything that the Montcalm chain has to offer such as all of the room and suites available in each hotel; the range of offers that are available and you are even able to book and manage your stay on the app, effectively cutting out the middle man. When it comes to leaving the hotel, you are also able to check out on the app, making your departure quick and easy but it doesn’t end there, as a valued customer, Montcalm will keep you up to date with any offers and discounts that they offer, allowing you to save money on your next stay.

Google Maps

Once again we’re back to Google but this company knows exactly how to create a good site and a great app. Google Maps allows you to to get from A to B quickly, avoiding delays if you’re travelling by car or giving you public transport times and routes if thats they way you want to travel. It shows you travel times, nearby petrol stations and restaurants and even has satellite imagery that lets you see the map as it would be in real life and, even though it can sometimes seem quite grainy, it shows a real step forward in technology. The app has a feature that allows you to use the map as a hands free talking navigation device which is incredibly useful when you’re driving. The layout is simple yet effective and this is why it is one of the most popular navigational sites on the planet.


Etsy is a site where handmade or vintage items are bought or sold. Ever since it came onto the internet, it has gathered a huge, dedicated following with thousands of items being sold all over the world every year. Etsy have released an app that compliments their site perfectly and works in the same way; if you see an item that you like you are able to purchase it or place it in your like category for a future date. On their app, Etsy offer Editor’s Picks and shows what the hottest items are on the site all through thumbnails that work perfectly with your screen as well as greeting you with a wealth of categories as soon as you click the app.  You are also able to interact and rate shops on the site all through the app, so it is little wonder why the app has become so successful.


Another selling site that has become an essential part of our lives is eBay; it has long been a saviour for our old clothes, furniture and for purchasing Christmas gifts so there is little wonder as to why eBay is on this list. Their website is simple yet effective; it is easy to list an item and easier still to buy with a wealth of filters allowing you to pinpoint exactly what you want. The app is just as easy to use and applies the same simplicity as the website including the filters, however, the listings are better on the app with bigger thumbnails and pictures. EBay on an app is very handy but also can be very dangerous when you’re bored on a journey and begin a bidding war or after a night out you wake up to several emails of purchased products that you can’t remember buying. So do use this wonderful app, just use it sparingly.

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