Some of the Best Travel Apps to Use In 2016


Long gone are the days of sitting with a guide book and being an armchair explorer. In this age of technology with the advent of the Internet and smart phones it has been transformed into an age of the pocket traveller. The biggest change has occurred since smart phones entered the market. Within less than a decade that are on the scene ingenious and innovative web developers have designed some of the most incredible range of apps that are specifically made to ensure that travel is now cheaper, more enjoyable and downright fun. Considering not all that long back there was a time when we had to wrangle over the phone, attempt to speak in an alien language to book accommodation or stand on a street square and try to find our bearings, peering into a large paper map, we have certainly travelled a long way in a fairly short period of time. With the new smart apps you can travel to any city on the earth and expect to find ample information to help you navigate the place almost as well as a local. It has made globe-trotting a much simpler and enjoyable experience.

So whether you are looking for a Corporate Hotel in London or trying to find your way around the English countryside there are hundreds of thousands of apps available to make travel much easier for you. Just a handful of the top apps which you can download (most for free) are:

The Montcalm App: Probably one area where the smart phone has really impacted the hospitality industry is the booking of hotel rooms, which has become relatively simple. With top comparison apps like, Expedia and being just a few of the popular travel apps to get the best hotel rates. For those who have a preference for a specific hotel chain that they would like to stay at, while also ensuring to get more personalised service, it is best to select a brand specific hotel app. One such brand specific app is the The Montcalm App, which makes it possible to browse all of the hotels in their chain, spread all over the country. From checking the price and type of room or suite, to editing and managing your reservation right down to your check-in time, all can be done with the app.  Apart from planning your stay at the hotel there a host of other features which include a variety of attractions, entertainment, restaurant etc. options to make your trip more enjoyable. Through the use of push notifications, The Montcalm App can keep you updated about the latest promotional deals and special offers, which can help to save considerably on accommodation costs.

TripCase: A very useful tool for those who travel frequently, the TripCase app permits users to make multiple flight bookings and hotel reservations and organise them in one place. It also helps to keep users updated with family members or friend’s itineraries and travel without having to receive regular updates. After a hotel or flight booking is made the confirmation is sent to an email address where the app automatically loads the itinerary into its system. If any flight is changed or delayed automated notifications are sent to the user. The biggest benefit of using this app is that is helps to organise a variety of flights and bookings into a single schedule, while permitting users to manage items in their itinerary. Another benefit is that it offers information about weather, seating charts and layover times, along with the option to share your travel plans with family or friends.

Bravolol: A wonderful travel app to be used when you are on a long trip, which involves visiting several foreign lands where multiple languages are spoken. It can be summed up as being a digital phrasebook which contains over 18 languages, and although it is not meant to communicate at an advanced level, it is ideal to find those essential phrases that will help you to get by in a foreign land.  One of the biggest advantages of using this app is that it offers the native pronunciation of phrases, which makes it relatively simple to speak a language that appears to be in an undecipherable script. Google Translate is offering its new live visual translation feature, which facilitates the translation of a picture, menu item, sign or have someone say something into the microphone, which is then translated immediately for the user. While this is actually fantastic, the biggest benefit of using Bravolol is that after it is downloaded it can be used offline, without having to connect to the Internet.  This makes it possible to use in the more inaccessible places where there is not net connectivity.

BringFido: One of the biggest concerns for animal lovers and pet owners is finding a suitable hotel where they could stay in, which accepts pets.  So if you do plan to travel with your pet on your next trip, the Bring Fido app will make it all the more easy to plan a pet-friendly trip. It offers users the convenience of searching for pet-friendly establishments at a destination of your choice. There are a variety of pet-friendly establishments which include hotels, dog parks and restaurants among other options. There are filters which can be used to check for price, popularity and distance. It can also be used to make reservations within the app. It also offers its users the feature of browsing and sharing reviews, photos and even adding their own preferred pet-friendly locations for other travellers.

TripAdvisor: One of the most popular apps around, millions of travellers use the TripAdvisor app to rate hotels, bars, restaurants and other sites on a 5 star basis. It is perfect for someone who does not have the spare time to check a variety of sites and is the ideal travel guide. For more detailed trips TripAdvisor also offers its Offline City Guides that create comprehensive information of close to a hundred popular destinations. This can be downloaded and then used later offline.

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