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One of the best things about the constant waves of apps gracing our smart phones, is how they have the ability and potential to change the world. From the best in Luxury Hotel Apps to the next coupon apps, there’s always something new that could change the world. With so many companies investing in apps to further their revenue and give users a new and innovative experience, it can be difficult to pick the best from the rest and to correctly pinpoint which apps hold the most promise for the years to come.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is the most state of the art weather app on the market. With it’s hyperlocal forecasts, users can use innovative technology to work out down to the minute, what the weather will be like in your exact location. The notifications you will get from Dark Sky can keep you updated down to the minute on the weather coming your way whilst also keeping track of international weather patterns. This app is a great way to be extra prepared for your upcoming holiday whilst also tracking the past and future weather patterns all over the world.

Cozi Family Organiser

This app will keep you and your family together and organised, keeping tabs on the events coming up whilst also retaining that sense of community which is so yearned for from all family units. As a free and award winning app, Cozi allows you to keep everyone’s activities and appointments updated, all in one easy to read place whilst also organising your shopping lists, chores and even allows you access from a massive range of smart devices.

Xbox SmartGlass

For all those gamers out there, Xbox SmartGlass will allow you to link up your smart phone as a remote control for your Xbox One games console. It will give you information about what you’re watching or playing and bring it straight to your smart phone, making sure your kept up to date with all the best and latest in gaming. Using your smart phone you can now track and compare your gaming experiences and achievement s with other users whilst navigating your profile and home page with a simple swipe and tap.


Beimmunized is a time saving app for parents who don’t want to take all of their children’s health records to every immunization appointment they have to attend. Like the aforementioned Cozi, this app allows you to keep all of the information you’ll need about this specific family issue all in one place. Whether its immunization histories, travel history or allergy history, you can be sure that Beimmunized will help you be on top of this necessary procedure for your children’s health.


Eatible is an urgently needed app for anyone who suffers from food allergies. The app allows users to input their allergy and then to scroll and search through foods to find out whether they’re okay for them to eat. As an allergy app, this is definitely worth downloading if you have any worries about what you can and can’t eat.

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