Plan your stay in London with great travel apps

Luxury Hotel App

The London Planner is your official guide to England’s capital, and can be had for free at the Big Bus Company, Eurostar, Virgin Trains’ first class lounges, and key tourist spots such as the Tower of London and the British Museum. While apps and websites can be fantastic resources from which to glean the information we need to make the right decisions, that are most benefiting of our holiday in a city, magazines and books can provide a more immersive way of learning about the city, meaning you’re likelier to remember what you’ve read.

You can find an accommodation using a mobile app

Luxury hotel apps though will be more helpful in allowing you to find a suitable accommodation during your stay in the city. They scour the internet for the latest deals, and can even provide you with push notifications so that you’re made aware of when a new deal pops up. With that said, we don’t recommend booking your hotel until the last minute. Rather, we invite you to use a luxury hotel app, ideally one month before your planned holiday. That way you’ll be able to find an affordable deal that blends both luxuries a convenient location.

Your tools of choices

During your stay, some apps will help you have a more seamless experience in the city, meaning you’ll spend less time worrying about the little things and more time indulging yourself in the exuberant activities and delights in the city.  These include Google Maps, CityMapper, and Xe currency. Think of them as your tools of choice. Google Maps will enable to access whatever attraction you want with the clarity of mind you need. CityMapper will help you with alternative directions. Xe currency will help you understand the value of the exchange rate at the moment so that you can make better purchasing decisions.

The official London tourist App also is a great fit if you’re unsure on what to do during your first couples of days in the city. Planning a great holiday in London, with the help of apps, makes it easy to have a productive experience. So visit London this season, and discover it at its finest.

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