Making tracks: great apps to help you get around London with ease

Luxury Hotel App

Whether your choice is to use the London Underground, buses, black cabs or minicabs, getting around the UK capital can quickly become a complicated business. But, thanks to their handiness and effectiveness, specially tailored apps can greatly simplify the task…

Journey Pro

Terrific for navigating the London Underground (or the ‘Tube’, as it’s often referred to), this app’ll provide you with up-to-the-minute Tube line status data, maps and journey planning information for across the entire UK railway and bus networks. In fact, so comprehensive is it, it’ll inform you which Tube carriage to jump on to ensure your journey through the capital is as quick as possible!


Sure, those glorious-looking black taxi cabs are among the irresistible icons of any visit to London; the trouble is, though, they cost an arm and a leg should you rely on them to get about the city. An alternative then are the less heralded minicabs. Granted, too many of them get a bad rap, but not all deserve it. And this app enables you not only to receive instant quotes from up to 60 competing London minicab firms, but provides reviews and ratings too (thus informs you of users’ opinions on their safety). Naturally, it ensures you can select, book and pay for your minicab of choice as well.

The Montcalm App

For those coming to London but not intending to spend their entire time in the UK in the capital itself (that is, those travelling about the country), they’re likely to have to find places to stay on the move. Smartphone apps then can be a great way to select and book accommodation on the hoof, whether they enable you to choose between hotel deals in London or focus on specific places – a budget place or a luxury hotel, like this one, which informs you of all the Montcalm family of hotels’ features and their latest discounts and packages.


An app blessed with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, this one’s all about keeping tabs on how much you spend each day so you can keep to a daily budget while travelling about. How does it do this? Well, it enables you to organise your outgoings by category and features clever specs like up-to-date exchange rates and colourful visual aids (such as pie charts) to rationalise your expenses and keep things as clear as possible. Money makes the world go round – and it’s certainly important for getting around the UK capital!


Finally, any visit to London tends to result in a busy trip; you’re constantly coming and going, trying to cram in as many attractions as humanly possible as there’s so much to see and do. Such an app as this then, dedicated to discovering, select and taking advantage of discounts at restaurants at the last minute, may just prove a godsend. Covering everything from haute cuisine venues to budget eateries, it’s also useful for the more deliberate travellers, showcasing restaurant bargains and deals for later in the day or the following day. No question, travelling makes you hungry – trust an app to help you out!

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