Make the Most out of London through your Mobile


London is deemed one of the greatest cities in the world; it rates highly on the top capital cities to visit and it attracts millions of tourists every year. It is the place that holds a lot of history and culture as well as being the home of some of the world’s greatest hotels and restaurants. Naturally, there is a lot to see and do and the idea of planning your time effectively in London can be quite overwhelming; do you watch a show or visit a museum? Do you explore the Houses of Parliament or do you go off the tourist track and find something a little different to do? If you’re planning on taking on London and what ever you decide to do, here are some apps that will really help to make your trip a memorable one.

Trip Advisor

This may seem like an obvious one but it is a great one to have on your phone because it has a rating on absolutely everything. If you can’t decide where to spend your day, you can take a look at other people’s reviews to create your own plan or, if you’re trying to decide which famous site to explore, Trip Advisor can rate the top 10 places to visit in the city. It not only covers the famous places such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, it also acts like a luxury hotel app by highlighting the best places to stay in the city. Trip Advisor users also give advice on the best places to eat, the best museums to explore and even the best parks to enjoy if you need a little breather from the city. It is a great app and it is one that you can use around the world.

Tube Map London Underground

This will be an absolute lifesaver for your trip to the city. The London Underground is one of the quickest ways to get around and is the most used form of transport in the city. There are 11 lines to choose from so it is important for you to plan your route before heading to the station, after all, London is known for its hustle and bustle so if you are just standing inside the tube station trying to work out how to get from A to B, you will probably get trampled by the steady stream of locals and tourists alike. This app can help by directing you to the lines you will need and it will also tell you of any delays that are happening on the lines and whether they are moderate of severe. There is always up to date information available on the app, such as arrival and departure information, as well as walking distance to stations but, the best aspect of this app is that it can be used online and offline so you will never be without it.


This app is great for those who have never experienced the London nightlife before or for those living in the city that want to try something different. YPlan is an app that highlights all the events going on across London, starting with those nearest to you, by giving you a bird-eye map view on your mobile device. Whether it is a late-night opening at the British Museum, an impromptu comedy show or a musical, it will let you know as well as allowing you to filter the price, distance and event type. If your event needs a ticket, don’t worry about faffing around on the internet to find one, YPlan also has discounted tickets available on the app making it so easy and convenient.

Museum of London StreetMuseum

This app won’t be for everyone but for those who want to a trip back through the history of London, it will be the coolest application on your phone. Streetmuseum allows you to travel back in time by giving you a picture of how things used to look, no matter where you are in London, for example, if you are in Piccadilly Circus and access the app, by holding up your camera to Piccadilly in its present day form, your phone will transform the scene around you, allowing you to see it as it was decades ago. If you are intrigued about the picture you see on your phone, there is a wealth of information at the touch of your screen. It can be done all over the city so, whether this is your first time in London or whether you are a city regular, it will give you a whole new perspective and it will allow you to appreciate how this wonderful city came to be.

Street Art London Map

If you are an art lover but want something different to the usual London galleries, this app is for you. At a touch of a button you will have access to all of the street art by date and by artist so, if you want to see a Banksy piece, simply type in his name into the app and it will direct you to the very spot where he painted. It is a great way to see the alternative side of art, to appreciate modern artists works as well as allowing you to explore the city in your very own way.

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