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It’s true that apps are getting more and more advanced the longer the technology is on the market. With hundreds of thousands of them available to download online, it’s hardly surprising that the more apps there are the more ingenious and efficient they become. This is because apps are the future, and continue to be. You can book flights online; you can book your cinema tickets online and even have restaurant quality food delivered to your doorstep. Every aspect of customer service is becoming more and more digitised as each day goes by.

In spite of this, we still want customer service which has a friendly human face to it which is why digitising it can only go so far and why the Hotels Booking App by Montcalm is so ingenious. Once you’ve booked using the app, you’ll be greeted on arrival by personable hotel staff, acting as the friendly and professional faces of the hotel. The relaxed ambience which emanates from the glowing halls of the Montcalm Hotels across London is still carried through into its digital identity. The Montcalm hotel app, like many others in the fast paced digital world has gone through several permutations before evolving into the current version it now proudly stands as. So what’s new about the most recent edition of the Montcalm app?

24 Hour support

The Montcalm London Hotel Booking App allows guests at the hotel to have complete support 24 hours a day. Whether it is trouble with your reservation, the technical aspects of using the app itself or whether you’re looking for help whilst you stay at the hotel, the app has everything you need. No longer will room service be a problem, you can find everything you need through your reservation page. Need new pillows? The apps got you. Never before has a hotel app been able to cover so much ground, concreting itself as an all-round customer pleaser, whether before, during or after your stay.

Cancel or modify your reservation

You have control over your stay at Montcalm Hotels. Whether it’s a question of having to book in an extra guest or if you need to cancel your reservation completely, you can modify and cancel through the app completely hassle free. In the pre-internet past, cancelling a reservation could take a long time due to dodgy phone services and an earful of hold music. Now it’s as simple as clicking a button on your phone.

Check out our amenities

If you’re not absolutely sure whether you want to book a room at the Montcalm hotels, you can use the app to check out the amenities and facilities on offer. The app gives you detailed information about what you can find and gives a great idea of the aesthetics of the hotel.

Get the latest updates

The Montcalm Hotel app is also great for anybody looking for information on great things to do in London as well as the best new offers from the hotel. The extensive blogs on the website give straightforward information for tourists whilst the hotel information is regularly updated.

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