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With the Montcalm Hotel booking app now available for your internet connected devices, it’s becoming ever clearer currently that we need to save money on the rooms we book. Accommodation comes with a hefty price tag and knowing how to save could really tighten the purse strings on your holiday. Even London locals are looking to save money, the rent prices being hiked up to a point of intensity which no one can quite keep up with. The problem even with short term accommodation is that the prices have come to a point of inflation that not many can afford, so even hotel rooms have been upped. This means that it is vital that you look for shortcuts when booking your stay in the city.

Book a corner room

Finding a corner room in a hotel may seem like a strange thing to ask for, what differences would it make? The fact of the matter is that by booking one you may well be saving money on space. Corner rooms, due to their layout, tend to have more space per foot than other rooms, meaning that you’ll be spending the same for let’s say, a double bed room on the corner with five feet more space than you would one further down the corridor. It all comes down to space, therefore property developers are building basement flats and high rises are being built into the clouds. There is a limited amount of space, and looking for the best deal for you is a great way to save money.

Are you an influencer?

If you regularly write reviews on travel websites or are known on the internet as an influencer who is regularly read by readers, then you may be able to find room discounts. When booking, if you have a readership and a trusted status as a good reviewer then it is in the hotels best interest to give you a discounted room.

Sign up for alerts on price drops

When you sign up for mailing lists with hotel groups, make sure that you are getting emails and texts on price drops and special offers. This means that you’ll never miss a deal, especially if it’s on a first come first served basis. More and more people are booking their hotel rooms online, meaning that it’s easily accessible and deals can get snapped up quick.

Hotel Booking apps

Hotel booking apps are a win-win for both customer and hotel. Downloading one means that you’ll be in a position to find out more about what the hotel offers and any discounts that may be available. London Hotel Booking apps like the Montcalm app allow you to amend your reservation if there are any changes, making sure you never waste a penny on an unused bed.

Don’t forget to mention if it’s a special occasion

If it’s a birthday or a honey moon, make sure that the hotel knows. Human compassion could very well lead you to finding a discounted price or your room bumped up.

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