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Visiting London can feel daunting at times. The network of rail and underground services stretches through and beyond the city like a labyrinthine web of underground lines and confusing directions. On top of this, visitors to the city can be misled on just how far apart landmarks really are; despite the city centre being relatively small and walkable, getting from one to the other by foot can take an incredibly long time and with the added blustery weather and frequent rainfall, this can sometimes be the exact opposite of how you’d want to spend your time visiting the city. That’s why it’s always a good idea to download travel apps which will help you traverse the city, helping you to avoid the hassle and faff often associated with the city. With London Hotel Booking Apps making staying in the city easier, it’s time that inner city travel got the same treatment. Below you can find just some of the apps which are guaranteed to make your trip just that little bit easier.

Tube Map and Tube Map Live

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to traverse the Underground, then this is the app for you. As many Londoners have learnt, the tube can leave you missing connections or on the wrong side of the tracks, amounting to wasted time and added stress if you’re not careful. The Tube Map Live app is great for those looking to keep up to date with any delays and cancellations to tube journeys. If you’re looking at a trip that has a connection which has been cancelled, leaving you with a tiresome replacement bus service, then check out the Tube Map Live app which will give you the chance to pre-empt these delays and find alternative routes for your journey.


Citymapper is one of the most popular transport apps and eve has its roots in London itself since the city is “the world’s most historic and iconic public transport city”. The app has millions of users worldwide and this is not surprising when you consider how clever, quick and simple the travel route finder is to use. Simply type in where you’re wanting to go and then let the app do the rest of the work. Using the app, you can find a wide range of routes which are tailored around the way you want to travel and is the result of years of data recording from its users, helping to compile a database of the most efficient routes in the city.

Tube Tracker

Waited way too long for your underground service? Open the tube tracker service to find the most succinct platform, allowing you to navigate everything from departure boards to disruptions on the line. With this type of knowledge at your fingertips, there’s no way you’ll miss your hotel reservation and the Tube Tracker app gives you so much more bang for your buck than other train apps. With an in-built journey planner system, your payment information for oyster and train tickets and even a compass, there’s no way you’ll be unprepared for your tube journey ever again. With features for 3D devices and Apple watches, this app is continuously adapting to your needs as a tired tube traveller.

Tube Exits

This app is perfect for those in a hurry in the UK capital. What is so nifty about the Tube Exit app is that when you type in your journey from station to station, it tells you exactly which carriage you should get in to ensure a rapid exit, finding the tube carriage which is closest to the exit of your destination. This app is handy for those who are less physically able as well as those who are in a rush. The app has been nominated by the CarPhone Warehouse’s Appy awards for the “2011 best timesaver app” whilst having been feature don various TV shows and newspapers as one of the handiest apps out there. Other features include a journey option calculator, an alternative journey and reverse option as well as viewing access for offline.

Live Train Tracker

The Live Train Tracker was voted as one of Sainsbury’s “20 best apps for busy people”. When is a busier time than planning a holiday to London? With this app you’ll be on time for all your trains whilst also experiencing an ad free and real-time display showing you when and where your next train is coming from. For maximum efficiency, you can bookmark your chosen train to keep up to date with the progress of your journey or any upcoming delays. With many top-rated reviews online from the likes of London24.com, you’ll be downloading an app which will truly make your travel easier.

Trainline UK

The Trainline is one of the most popular train booking websites, hiding no booking fees and revelling in an efficiency which is unparalleled in the rail booking web game. What’s more, it’s become even easier with the app. Simply pick up your phone and find the best rail ticket deals using the in-built route calculator. One of the problems with saving on train tickets is that people are often not organised enough to buy far enough in advance to save money on their journeys. This app means that there’s no excuses on booking in advance, making it simple to save on your journeys. When booking using the Trainline UK app, you are succinctly faced with a range of options, meaning that you are given the freedom to choose which train route to your destination is right for you.

Gopili Cheap tickets

One of the best apps for price comparison on European travel, this app covers it all. Whether your journey includes train, coach, plane or anything else, the Gopili app is available in over 4000 cities, giving you access to cheap travel in just a single click. Even if looking for last minute bookings, the app can sort your results to suit you. Whether your priority is time, departure time or price, the app is lightning fast in compiling every option available to you. With partnerships with over 500 transport companies, the Gopili app puts the power in your hands.

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