Getting the Best Deals When Staying In a Hotel

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With hundreds and thousands of hotels to be found in all major cities of the world it can be quite a challenge to find the best hotel deals. Thankfully life has been made simpler for modern travellers through the use of technology involving smart phones and apps. While smart phones put in an appearance almost a decade ago, it is in recent times that they have become increasingly indispensable, thanks to the countless innovative apps that are being constantly introduced in the markets.  The good news is that most of these apps are free to use on Android and iOS based smart phones.

Whether you want a find a Corporate Hotel London or search for top attractions to visit in the city, there are apps to be found for everything. For those travellers who are comfortable with staying at a particular chain of hotels like the Montcalm, there is the innovative brand specific Montcalm Hotel app that is of immense benefit to users. It helps them to secure the best hotel deals on offer at the many Montcalm properties all over London. Besides using hotel apps some other ways to strike the best hotel deals are:

Before extending the duration of your stay check the online price: Prices in a hotel fluctuate on a daily basis and this is the case with even top hotels with prices varying from room to room. In case you plan to extend the duration of your stay it is best to do your homework in advance as it will help you to get a fair idea as to how much the room will cost and can help you to save on additional expenses. If you do need to extend the duration it is best to inform the front desk to have it added to the existing invoice, so that they do not need to create a new booking with a new confirmation code. Prior to this of course you need to check if the price is not higher (in the peak season) and if so you could negotiate with them to give you a better price. On the other hand if the rate for the extra day you plan to stay is lower you could pay less. Likewise if you shorten your stay you should be aware of the rate for that duration for the amount to be adjusted appropriately.

Look for airport hotels that offer additional perks: There actually are numerous airport hotels that offer additional perks like cheap or free parking for a certain duration. Some offer a number of days of free parking, along with a one night stay and even free 24 hour airport shuttle service. At times staying for a short duration at an airport hotel could actually prove to be most cost-effective, while covering the cost of parking with added perks to sweeten the deal.

Make sure you sign up for a Hotel Rewards Program: One of the most effective ways to corner the best hotel deals is by signing up for any of the Hotel Rewards programs that major hotel chains like The Montcalm, offers its guests. Membership is free of cost and it carries numerous perks and benefits, which can help you to save considerably on hotel expenses, especially if you are a frequent business traveller. Every time you stay at a partner hotel you can get excellent discounts and these benefits further extend to affiliate partner programs, which might include restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues, shopping retailers etc. Frequent guests notch up a large number of membership bonus points each time they stay at the hotel or any of its properties across the country or even abroad. These points can be used to get free upgrades or use other services like a fitness centre, spa or salon etc. at a discounted rate or even at no cost. Many of these reward programs can also be used at car rental services among other places.

Look out for the “best price” guarantee: If you book accommodation at any of the major online booking sites you can be sure of getting the “best price guarantee”. This is applicable for a variety of bookings which include lodging, flights, car rentals and much more. This can save a lot of unnecessary hassle and effort of searching for the best rates on a booking site, crosschecking it with the hotel site, and later comparing it at discount sites etc. Getting the best price guarantee ensures that you will get a good deal and makes it more straightforward to make a booking when you get a good deal, with the option to switch if you get the same accommodation at a better price elsewhere. Sites which offer the best price guarantee like Expedia refund the difference within 24 hours of booking, besides offering travel coupons etc. This makes it very effective to get the best deal when you have booked in advance and have the time to switch bookings (if the need arises).

Be wary of hidden charges: Whether you are making hotel reservations or booking flights, you need to watch out for any hidden fees that may be added to the invoice. Also if you can economise by travelling a day later or earlier you may be able to save a considerable sum of money. For example by taking an early morning flight you might find hotel charges to be less expensive than normal. There are many airport hotels that offer very competitive rates especially in prominent cities, which offer an extensive choice of hotels with airport hotels not generally being a preferred choice, with the exception of those who need to be in the area. If the difference in airfare is much more than the cost of the hotel, staying an extra night might actually help you to save money.

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