Essential Apps to Have On a Trip to London

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Going on holiday is always a thrilling experience and more so with the benefit of technology at our disposal. Gone are the days when we had to depend on having to phone to make enquiries about hotel reservations and for other information. Thanks to the Internet, we now have the convenience of making online bookings from the comfort of our home. One of the biggest benefits is the advent of the smart-phone, which has made online access even more convenient.

And the introduction of apps is a bonus for smart-phone users. They can conveniently search for relevant information and make bookings, reservations etc. while being mobile. From a last minute hotel booking app to apps to book transport, there are millions of apps available both to iPhone and Android users.  Some of the top apps which you can make your trip more enjoyable in London are:

ATM Hunter: When you are stranded for cash the presence of private ATMs appear to be a Godsend in an emergency. The only downside is that they cost a bomb in terms of transaction fees from £1 pound upwards for every single transaction you make. That is where the use of Mastercard’s ATM Hunter app is a big help to locate the closest free cashpoint, as it helps to avoid having to shell out an exorbitant transaction fee.

TubeTap: Not many users of the Tube are aware they can ask for an entire refund if their trip on the Tube is delayed more than 15 minutes. And those who use the Underground frequently will be aware that this does happen from time to time. And the surprising fact is that the rail authorities have quite a few millions of pounds that remain unclaimed every year. That is where TubeTap comes in really handy as you can tap the app at the beginning and end of every trip. It checks whether your journey was on time and if you are eligible for a refund. If you are eligible, it automatically files your   details for the refund.

Kabbee: While London does have a great public transport network there are times when we need to use private or minicabs. When deciding to use a cab it is best to use only a reputable firm that is registered and has a strong presence in the market. And they are definitely cheaper than the iconic black cabs. This is where the Kabbee app comes to great use as it offers a clever price comparison tool, which once you enter the starting point and destination, offers quotes from more than sixty minicab services in London.Once you decide it also offers an easy to use online booking guide. For pre-planned journeys the Kabbee rates are most cost-effective.

Quidco: Travel the London Tube and you are sure to see the moniker Quidco displayed all aover the place. The app offers cashback for any type of purchases that you make from major brand names like Next, Debenhams and Argos etc. While users have to initially pay an annual membership charge fee of £5, thereafter there are loads of schemes to save money like check-in deals, cashback offers and voucher codes.

Opentable: We all know how expensive London is not to mention eating out in the city which can cost a small fortune. However, the good news is that there are some nifty bargains available as long as you know where to look. The Opentable app that manages reservations of more than 80% of the swankiest London restaurants, offers users some amazing discounts in more than 4000 restaurants in the city. It also offers users the ability to conduct a search for eateries and make online bookings.

Redlaser: Most of us have experienced that feeling while shopping at a retail outlet that the item we are about to purchase maybe available at a lower cost at Amazon. If you have had any such niggling doubts then the answer is to get the Redlaser app. All users have to do is install the app and when shopping just scan the barcode of the product with the camera of your smart-phone. Once that is done the app will conduct a through online search and compare the latest online prices to confirm the best rates. The app belongs to Ebay the online auction site, although it searches for items from other vendors as well. While customers love it retailers are not too chuffed with the app!

Yplan: While in London you will need to plan your itinerary. And one of the most effective apps for this is the Yplan app. It offers you detailed information about the events and happenings taking place in London at the time of your visit. Once you decide which events you would like to visit it you could buy the tickets for the events directly using the app. A must have app to use on a trip to London.

Onavo: We all know using the Internet while we are on the move helps to save time and is extremely convenient in our daily life. The only flipside is that it can be fairly expensive especially, if you are on a data roaming package. Onavo helps users by compressing data before it is actually downloaded to your smart-phone. This helps to save data usage immensely (by up to 80%). It also compiles the information into a handy report that can be used to determine which bandwidths consume the maximum data.

 Citymapper: Whatever the mode of transport you plan to take in London whether by public transport, driving or by cycle one of the best apps to refer to is Citymapper. It will help you to reach from point A to B even if there is a transport strike.

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