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The smart phone generation and fast paced lifestyle of the 21st century means that plans can shapeshift and change in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s personal reasons, cancelled flights or journey modifications, you’ll always have a good reason to cancel or modify a hotel booking. In the past people would shudder at the very idea of changing their hotel booking. At the very heart of human nature is the desire not to cause stress, disappoint or waste anyone’s time, even if that person is a disembodied voice on the other side of the phoneline. Nowadays one would assume that this would be far easier, we all live busy lives and as mentioned above, plans change. Whether it’s due to a family emergency or simply that you can’t get the time off work (which would be very disappointing) or that you have an extra person staying with you, there’s always a good reason. We don’t like longwinded application processes and if we’re strapped for time we do our best to adjust to the situation as its handed to us. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible and it is therefore useful to have a quick and easy process to keep your holiday or business trip running smoothly.

This is one of the many areas where the Montcalm hotel group excels beyond many other London based hotel companies. They have several methods of changing your reservations.

By Phone

Gong old school gives hotel booking modifications that personal touch. If you’re internet-less but your phone lines are working, the Montcalm Hotel group can answer any queries over the phone. With their new and improved phone system’s there’s always someone on the other side and with a lightning fast phone connection to help you tailor your hotel bookings to be as perfect as they possibly can.

Go Online

Online is one of the easiest ways to modify your hotel bookings. If you are near a computer then simply log into your website account to modify your room. When you book your hotel room, you will be given a reservation ID and an email ID. By imputing these into the Montcalm Hotel group website, you’ll be given the opportunity to modify or cancel. You will be given the opportunity to tailor your booking to your preference from imputing these. Nothing could be simpler really.

Download the app

By downloading the Montcalm Hotel Booking app, you’ll find it incredibly easy to modify or cancel your reservation. With the fast-paced streamlined app, you’ll not only be able to view your bookings but view your other options as well. That’s one of the helpful things about hotel apps, if on the go and in a hurry, you can quickly get on the app and find what you need in very short time indeed. The hotel app allows you to browse through the hotel amenities, meaning you’ll be able to see exactly what you’ll be getting, whether you need to book a room with an extra bed, or two singles instead of one double.

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