Do you need to use apps while you’re in London?

Travel Apps

The conscious debate in regards to whether smartphones have improved our quality our lives is a fiery topic. On the one hand, they’ve certainly allowed us to lead more convenient lives. Want to order some food? There’s an app for that. Want to see what available travel deals there are? There’s an app for that. Seemingly, our lives have been made easier, but according to the latest reports, we’re not necessarily happier as a result of this all new technology.

Convenience by that account doesn’t necessarily equate itself with happiness. So while using apps while you’re out and about travelling across in London will give you extra convenience, it won’t necessarily lead to more happiness. What’s for sure however that it is will give you the ability to move between spots across the city with the knowledge and desire to make it all happen.

Often, travel apps can entice us with attractive offers, experiences, and ideas on what’s best for our travels. Without them, it might mean that our possibilities in a new city are more limited. And considering travelling is built upon the value of possibility; it makes sense to take advantage of the series of apps that are floating around nowadays.

Whether you’re looking for a special excursion around the river Thames, or you’re looking for a tour guide, certain mobile apps can make all those experiences easier for you to take into your stride. In a way, you can think of mobile apps like friendly assistants who are there to give you a helping hand during your travels. You don’t have to rely on tourist information spots, travel maps, or anyone in particular – if you have a mobile internet connection and a smartphone. Apps aren’t necessarily a key factor when it comes to making your holiday brilliant, but they can certainly make your holiday more convenient.

All good things in life start with an idea, and apps are a portal into ideas, allowing you to be more creative with the way you experience your stay in the city. So while you don’t necessarily need to use apps while you’re in London, you do need to consider their benefits at the very least. Particularly if you’re further away from central London, apps such as Google Maps and City Mapper will enable you to take the best routes into the city centre.

That way, you won’t have to necessarily worry about getting to certain events later than you’d hope to. You’ll be less likely to be late, and you’ll know exactly which directions to take. So we encourage you to at least ensure your mobile data connection is activated before you go ahead and hop into London. It’ll make things like finding your hotel accommodation a lot easier, not to mention the series of attractions across the city.

Mobile applications have recently become a new part of the internet’s economy. There are now over a million apps on both Android and iOS. In 2012, 57.3 billion apps were downloaded. There’s a simple reason for that: they enhance lives, either through convenience or else. Book your stay in London this season and learn more about all the exciting things that are happening in this city. If you’re looking for the best accommodation for you, consider the Montcalm hotels, which are close to many of the city’s premiere attractions.

Interestingly, many of the luxury hotels in the city have their official app, making it easier for you to change reservations, order items, and contact customer service – with the flick of a finger swipe.

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